How much do Seattle agency nurses make?

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    Just moved to Washington and I am not able to find out how much Seattle (and surrounding area) RNs make per hour. Help?

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    Hi Lori, I live in Bremerton and work for two agencies, one based in Tacoma and the other based in Seattle. They both pay $30/, altho the Tacoma agency adds $2/ on weekends. This seems to be pretty average for this area.
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    I live in Wausau, WI., am an LPN, and agency. I am making, with a differential for nocs, $25.00 and hour. The RNs at my agency are making about $35.00.

    This is a very small town, and it is amazing to me that the RNs in Seattle don't make that much an hour.

    I am finishing my RN soon, and will stay with the agency for a while, just because the money is sooooo good.
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    I don't know anything about Seattle (except expensive coffee), but I've been working ER agency in the Chicago area for many years. The jobs are plentiful and the rates run from about $42 to over $50 per hour for "speciality" areas.
    If you are ever looking for a job out here, let me know. There are so many agencies fighting over us nurses and the rates are great.
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    Okay, the pay is much better if you have experience in a specialty, such as L&D, ER, or ICU. I've seen those up to $50/, but for most jobs it's about $30/. You can find agencies that will pay more, but you also have to worry more about being cancelled. I don't work in Seattle, don't want to deal with the infamous traffic, so you may find agencies that pay more there. Personally, I detest traffic jams, and everything you've read about Seattle's traffic is true. (And yes, the coffee is expensive, but some things are just worth a little more money.) There really aren't too many places to work out on the peninsula, Lori, unless you want to do LTC. Right now that's what I'm doing via agency because I got tired of driving a 120 mile commute every night. And if you haven't met the a.m. eastbound traffic over the Narrow's Bridge, it's something to behold. Not to mention avoid. Good luck with the job hunt.
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    First things first... I want to thank the author who started this new forum. I have been wanting to communicate and be more familiar with agency nurse comrades since I started this new field in January.

    I started agency nursing our of an emergency necessity (money crunch). What a rewarding (financially and a confidence booster) it became. After having done "agency" with two different agencies in Albuquerque, NM for a few monthes I (surprisingly) became more confident. I finally started asking hospitals for what I was worth (and didn't apologize for it).

    In Alb., NM the current rate is about $ 25 for an RN with up to $30 and $32 (for weekends) with a specialty (I do telemetry).

    I too am very surprised to hear that Seattle does not pay more than NM (we love to complain that we are on the low end of the pay scale).

    Currently, I am in Wyoming where I have been able to negotiate directly with hospitals (and yes nursing homes) better salaries then a regular staff nurse. Apparantly, agency nursing is quite minimal here but not impossible. I think I can do better to work directly with the health facility and have a more predictable work week.

    I am about 4 hours from Denver, Co and have talked to a couple of agencies there. Surprisingly, they pay what NM salaries paid at 30 and 32 (weekend) with a specialty of telemetry.

    I would love to "try" ER nursing but imagine I will have to work as regular hospital staff for a year or more.

    I look forward to reading more on this thread!

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    Thanks guys for all of your responses. I was a little surprised that Seattle and surrounding areas pay the average of $30/hr for agency RN's. Coming from Jacksonville, FL, the pay rate there was $28/hr when I started in April 2000, then increased to $32/hr by the time I left in October 2000. Somehow I thought that Seattle being more northern than Florida, would pay more.

    At least I have some figures to work with, because as we all know, agencies will not give out any pay rate information, no matter how hard you try.

    ***Note: Can you guys in WA send me a message about your agencies? I'm looking to start working really soon.

    Thanks again, guys
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    I live in Tenino, Wa and have worked agency for 8 months. I love it. I only do long term care and sub acute units. I make roughly $1000 a week take home. I'm always booked and can't complain about the travel.

    The agency I work for hint (*) pays for my hotel if I work doubles. I have benefits and enjoy the work.

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    I currently work in Yakima WA and the agency nurses that come through our hospital make different amounts based on which agency. My unit is telemetry/ICU and nurses from star med make 27-28/hr while favorite nurses pays 45-48/hr. Most nurses get paid mileage/airfair and motel from what i've heard from various agency nurses.
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    I ditto ORnurse's response about the traffic here in Seattle! I used to live in Kitsap county, and now wish I had stayed there. The traffic on this side of the water will give you leg cramps from having the apply your brake every two seconds!

    If you're interested in per diem or travel contracts with a good agency you can email me, and I would be glad to give you info on a good agency in this area.

    I must say though if you're interested in hospital nursing, and don't want to commute, you will be limited on that side of the water. If you commute WILL be a challenge no matter what route you take!


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