How many patients on days for LTC agency nurses?

  1. I got hired at an agency and I haven't started yet. I've put off my first day as long as possible in fear of walking into a facility from hell and having to take care of 40 residents. I have 8 month of LTC experience, but I don't think that matters if the # of residents is outragious. What do you put up with when walking into a LTC facility? Do you voice that this is to much, if it is? Do you call the agency? I know I legally can't leave or can I if I haven't yet excepted the assignment? My biggest fear is getting in over my head and hurting someone and losing my license. I know we all have that fear, but with agency you are definitely walking into the unknown. The agency will tell you whatever you want to hear when you ask, but whether or not they are being honest or not, I'm not sure of. Any information would be wonderful.
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  3. by   sassysteph7
    Where I live the assignments range from 18-30 residents. I once went to a facility and had 40 residents. I told the unit manager I was very overwhelmed. She was very nice and helped as much as she could. I then called my agency and told them I'd never go back there as I felt it was an unsafe environment and I didn't want to put my license in jeopardy. My agency is pretty cool and they understood.

    Good luck w/agency. You'll be fine.
  4. by   jlcole45
    As long as you haven't accepted care of the patients - you can refuse the assignment and you won't be charged with abandonment.
  5. by   Nurseynurseyme
    I work staff at ltc and I have had from 17-34 patients. After handling 34, 17 feels like a vacation! But I really like having a long term relationship with my patients.
  6. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I had an agency nurse come onto the floor, do narcotic count and take the keys. DPH walked in for their annual survey. When I told her they were in the building and might watch a med pass, she freaked out, started to sob loudly and told me she wouldn't do it. She threw the keys and started walking out the door. I told her if she left it would be considered abandonment but she didn't care. There were 2 other nurses on the unit that day so her patient load was a very reasonable 20 long term care patients. I reported her to her agency but not to the BON because she came back in and we switched the assignments........yikes.
    Today the agency nurse walked in and refused to take the keys for 36 patients. She would have been alone from 6am to 8am....other nurses in the building and she flat out refused. Guess it takes all kinds. She won't be invited back to my facility.
  7. by   graysonret
    I've never turned down an assignment, once I've shown up, in all the years of agency work. Some had me pretty overwhelmed sometimes, but I've gotten through. There are 2 places that I won't go back to work, simply because the staff "used" me in order to get out of their own work. Most places have been fair, assignment-wise. I always try to build a good relationship with any new place...hoping to foster a long term friendship with them.