Charting Systems - page 3

I have used PowerChart, Epic, Citrix, TDS and Meditech... and paper charting of course. Of these, Meditech is THE WORST! (actually TDS was but thankfully the facility quickly changed over to EPIC... Read More

  1. by   frances81
    Just moved provinces to start a new job - which I love - but *cannot believe* there's a program this bad and outdated. I'm used to the user-friendly Powerchart - I never even needed training for it it's that simple and straightforward. Meditech on the other hand is counterintuitive to anyone who's used to modern computers imo. Meditech looks like something from the mid-90's. I hate hate hate hate hate it. And not because I'm not used to it - because I can't imagine a worse system. Glad others out there agree with me as it's boggling my mind why any health authority would chose it. Ok rant over lol.
  2. by   frances81
    I actually got here by googling "meditech sucks" that's how much I dislike it lol