Anyone work for NurseFinders or HRN

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    Just wondering if anyone has experience with NurseFinders or HRN staffing agencies in CA. I've been trying to sign up with several agencies in order to keep steady employment on a per diem basis until I find a permanent position or start traveling. Just trying to get some insight on these agencies. I spoke with the recruiter at NurseFinders and was told that they have contracts with Kaiser, Providence, and St. Joseph's and they should be able to keep me busy with work.

    Any info is appreciated, Thanks.
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    Just an update. I couldn't really find much info on the net regarding these agencies. I ended up signing up with Nursefinders. I finished the application and paperwork for HRN and took some tests, then they wanted me to take more tests. Needless to say, I never completed my profile due to the excessive paperwork and I had already signed up with Nursefinders. They keep me busy with work, full-time hours if I want. Only real issue I had with them was my first 2-3 weeks of checks were late every time. I would have to call them each week until my direct deposit kicked in (it takes 3 pay periods) to let them know I had not received my check. No idea what happened but I did not receive my check on time either one of the first 3 weeks.

    If anyone has any insight on working with HRN, please let me know. I am still considering signing up with one more agency, bc you never know how per diem hours will go. Thanks.
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    thanks I hate a lot of paperwork.

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