National laser institute-worth it or not?

  1. I'm thinking of going into aesthetics, I was doing some research and came across the national laser institute, I requested some info which was given to me by a return call from a rep. I've been reading on this site how some of you have jobs in plastic surgeons offices or already work in medical spas, etc. My question is whether or not this 10 day program in texas or arizona( i live on the east coast) is worth the $ they're asking for-(over $8,000)? 2-Is there a less expensive way to get started? 3-How easy is it to get a job having had no experience in the field? Should I start out with just injections, get a job and hope that place will pick up the tab to further train me? Sorry so many questions! Thanks and any info is very much appreciated!
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  3. by   Luvbuble
    Have your checked Empire Medical Training out yet? I took their classes in Texas. About $3000 and you can take as many classes you want in 2 years. That will include Dermal fillers, botox, advance botox, PRP, Sclerotherapy, laser hair removal. Check their schedule out first because not every locations have all the classes. You might have to take some classes in one state and other classes in other states. I think they offer the best deal. I don't work for them but it is a good training company. They actually have doctors to teach you in the class and all the meds, syringe, gloves are provided. You can bring a model or you can volunteer to be injected by others and others will let you inject them as well. It is a fun class and it is pretty informative.