How can I become a plastic surgery nurse? How can I become a plastic surgery nurse? | allnurses

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How can I become a plastic surgery nurse?

  1. 0 I just graduated from an RN program and am waiting to take my NCLEX... Once I receive my license I would like to find a job in a plastic surgery office either in surgery or as a laser nurse (I have been looking into aesthetic medicine certifications). I am wondering if anyone works in a plastic surgery office and has any advice on how to get hired at a plastic surgery office, being a new grad. What positions should I be applying for? I would really just like to get into this field of nursing, but when applying should I be specific on the position I want, or could I put more than one job title on my resume, like perioperative, PACU nurse etc. Also, could I apply to be a laser nurse, before I actually receive my certification?

    Thank you! A response would be greatly appreciated.
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    I worked as a PACU nurse in a plastics office for almost a year and for me to get hired I had to know someone. The surgeon did not advertise. He only hired by word of mouth. Cut down on the riff-raff I guess. BTW, a little advice, put a lot of thought into this and do some research before getting into this. I had my experience and it was not as rainbows and daisies as one would think. It also might not be the best place for a new grad. Just my 2 cents. Good luck.
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    I work prn for a plastic surgery group in their OR which does the cosmetic elective surgeries. None of the doctors hire nurses for their offices; all of the aesthetic work is done by non nurse personnel. I have no idea what kind of training they had to get.

    This may not be the common practice; I have only worked for this one group of doctors, so my experience with it is very limited.
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    I was a plastics OR nurse for 2 years and I knew the surgeon and started with him as a per diem.

    I hate to say it but I would be suprised if there would be a position for a new grad. Out patient surgery is fast and requires an internal gut feeling that new grads just don't have yet...Starting in a hosptial would be the best way to build the skills to go to a facility that has little support other than the doc and your anesthesiologist. Try inpatient OR or a hospital based outpatient surgery center first would be my advice

    Good luck!