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Aesthetic Nursing?

  1. 0 I realize this is really not the proper forum, but I didn't see any other forum where it would fit within AN.

    I see under specialty nursing, that a lot of specialties are listed, but Aesthetic Nursing is not. Is it not considered a specialty, but a subspeciatly of or, or office nursing maybe?

    I like reading about all of the specialties and was just surprised to find that there was nothing for Aesthetics. I start school on Monday to become a LPN, and I realize that the answer to my question likely wouldn't even apply to me, since as near as I can tell, Cosmetic Surgeons want RNs. For myself, I'd like to work with Veterans, or Pediatrics. =-) (well, I'd prefer to work with babies... but not to sure about those parents! hehe) Standard Med-Surg also appeals to me as well, so I think I'd be happy just about anywhere. Well, anywhere but addictions, its an amazing specialty, but just not for me.
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    Thread moved for more responses.
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    What questions do you have on Aesthetic nursing?
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    Thank you for replying =-) My questions were: do cosmetic surgeons hire LPNs? What would they do at the office/ or even the OR? Is the pay scale the sameish or less than LPNs in LTC/Hospital settings? (I'd assume so) Basically, I'm interested in any information that would be offered!