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Can anyone tell me how much an Aesthetic/ Esthetics Nurse makes an hour/ year, according to experience? Thanks! Leo.... Read More

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    I think they meant what is the difference in pay between a NP and a RN that do the same work.

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    Perhaps. However, that's not what they asked.
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    NP can prescribe medications, and MEDICALLY diagnosis patients while working under a Doctor. The wages vary greatly depending up what type of area you work in and WHERE you work. Probably a starting salary of 70 to 100,000 dollars would be in the ballpark. There are areas, like NY city where they would make considerably more. In NY, you have to have a Master's degree to be an NP.
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    Quote from Babs0512
    In NY, you have to have a Master's degree to be an NP.
    Are there states where a Master's degree isn't required for NP?
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    I'm not sure, I can only speak from NY. Must have a masters.
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    I have done laser hair removal in two different offices in California and the pay varies between $30 - $45 depending on experience and location.
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    Quote from Doodles NP
    It really depends on what it is you want to do. Do you see yourself as the circulating nurse in the OR in a Plastics office? Or being a chaperone in the room following up surgical cases, suture removal, preop consultations. Anything in a Privates office will pay less than lets say the Plastics dept in a teaching hospital. In NY, aesthetic Derms and Plastic surgeons hire esteticians to do their peels. I am an NP and have my own Aesthetics practice. I do injectables, like fillers and Botox, sclerotherapy and peels. I think an exciting position for an RN would be to work in a medispa as the professional who oversees OSHA standards and Hippa compliance; manage customer service issues, be both medical and business minded. Larger medispa and destination spa/ hotels have these kinds of positions.
    Doodles NP, I'm a RN BSN living in the NY Metro Area, considering becoming an NP. I'm glad to hear you have your own Aesthetic practice! (I don't hear/see much about RN's or NP's involved in this area in the City) I also liked what you wrote about working at a Medispa. Would you PLEASE PM me? THX!!
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    I work as an RN for American Laser in CA and make $35/hr. The pay range of the RN's in the office is between $30 and $40/hr. Plus monthly bonuses if you hit your 'sales goal.'
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    In 2010 worked as an RN (injections and lasers) in a medspa in CA making $40/hr (no tips), and in 2012 in TX making $25/hr + tips and tiered bonuses based on monthly sales.
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    Hello, Is anyone familiar with the average salary of a RN injector in Oklahoma currently?

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