What's the fastest way to get RN License in the US(Which State) and what are the fees

  1. 0 What's the fastest way to get RN License in the US(Which State) and what are the fees involved? I'm trying to get my fiancee as best prepared for her arrival, I would like to start by getting her transcripts evaluated then take the steps to get her licensed here in the US asap then have her transfer over to California.
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    Most states average time is 4-6 months. New York takes longer. A lot will depend on how timely documents are sent
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    I just passed the Nclex for NY last week, and I'm working on the infection control and Child abuse courses. I got the Ifc. control in mymedcerts.com for $19.99 but i'm having trouble getting the child abuse course. I looked up in elearning.net but it's not quiet easy to use. do have other online training provider that offer child abuse course?

    and in your case, when and how will I know my license number since till now I haven't seen it appear in NYSED license verification? is that normal?

    Hey! thanks for the help in advance.
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    To the OP: you might as well have her transcripts looked over by the CA BON, since that's your ultimate destination.

    Even if ABC state granted her RN license the moment she steps off the plane, you'll be spending more time awaiting for CA BON's approval for the endorsement.

    You see, if she's coming in from several of the mentioned countries here, such as the UK, Russian or Phillipines, there's a high probability that she will be denied a CA license or even allowed to take the test, based on a few problems with the overseas college's not meeting CA BON's minimum requirements. So trying to get any state's license endorsed over to CA will still have to pass the CA BON anyways.

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