what are the countries that participates with the reciprocity law for nurses - page 2

Good day! I am a fresh grad, and i was having a hard time looking in the internet for the countries that grant reciprocity with Philippines for nurses, Do you any countries that grants this? and if... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from nurse king
    thank you so much with your replies, im not sure if vermont is included
    Also to add you will be affected by retrogression if looking at the US and have several years wait for a immigrant visa and work visa will require experience
  2. by   sisibunny
    I know it is Not USA, not England, Not Canada, Not Australia, not Germany, not France....etc. Maybe middle east countries support nurses from Philippines? I have heard many countries I mentioned above restricting nurses from Philippines. Especially USA, it had H1C visa before to support foreign nurses to come work in the US, but it expired in 2009, and now they dont want any nurses from Philippines bc there are too many nurses from Philippines and they want to decrease the number.
  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Where do you get the idea they don't want Philippine nurses and trying to decrease the numbers. Retrogression has nothing to do with where you are from as many countries are affected in the same way as the Philippines. The US can not offer unlimited visa allocation