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Hello everyone! I'm a RN (BSN) here in the US and would like to come to work in the UK. I've been a medical/surgical nurse for 1.5 yrs, and planning on taking the IELTS in October. I was just curious, what kind of nursing... Read More

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    Also, one more clarification question....when finishing the ONP, what can one expect as far as tests/competency skills? Is there another kind of NCLEX? I've been having difficulty finding the answer to this....

    thanks guys!

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    All of my certified copies:
    I took the originals and copies of each to the bank. The bank manager viewed all originals and copies and notarized the COPIES. Those were sent in.
    This is what was suggested from "Continental Travel Nurse" agency when I had requested info.

    I am finishing my essays to complete my Overseas nurses Programme- should have all paperwork in by Easter. Then a PIN by.....Mid to end April?! =0
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    ahh yes, I thought that the notarized photo copies were an option, but I guess I played it too safe, oops!

    Yay! mid-end April?! fantastic! How has the programme been? easy? not too difficult?

    Thanks for the swift response!
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    When finishing the ONP, there's a test of 50 multiple choice questions apparently. If I remember you need 30/50 to pass. If you complete the workbook, it's a pretty straightforward pass the instructor said. I just began the ONP course yesterday at Bournemouth. No "NCLEX" type RN exam, thank goodness!
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    thanks Jbo! and yes, phew! No more NCLEX, please! good luck with your ONP.
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    i heard something about a pin? what in the world is a pin? i know you probably wouldnt want to do this, but can you tell list me all the stuff you had to do starting after you passed your english test? thanks!
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    Quote from ericjameshealth
    i heard something about a pin? what in the world is a pin? i know you probably wouldnt want to do this, but can you tell list me all the stuff you had to do starting after you passed your english test? thanks!
    The PIN is your personal identification number given to you by the NMC when your entered on the register.
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    And without your PIN you can not work as a nurse in the UK. The PIN indicates you have met nursing requirements
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    aHH OK. THANKS. ya i wont be beginning the process for another year :/ Got to work at a local hospital for 2 years that paid for my schooling. I have no idea how much of experience they are loooking for though, and i heard also after the ONP, that you have to wait and sit around for a job, because the job market is bad over there for nurses, and a job isnt guaranteed. Sounds like the same boat i was in after i was done with nursing school, had to wait 8 months for a job.. seems like it may be harder to fulfill this dream
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    If you haven't found your answer to everything that needs to be done after the IELTS, then read back a page or so on this thread, nolenurse wrote about their experience. Also, even if you have a 2 year contract with your hospital, you should still get started on your application because it can be a lengthy process.

    I am currently in "phase 2" of the process, as I like to call it. I have sent off my certified copies of my passport,RN license and birth certificate as well as my IELTS results with a fee of ____ ...can't remember, wanna say 185 pounds or so and am now waiting for packet #2 from NMC which will be the packet asking for my nursing school clinical and theory hours, documents my managers and Board of Health will need to fill out, and some other dox. After you send that off (with another fee, I believe), the NMC takes (monthsss?? ) to review it and if they give you the OK, then you can start an ONP over in the UK. Once completed, you get your PIN, as the others were saying above.

    I will be keeping in touch about my progress; and I am staying hopeful about the job market. When there's a will, there's a way, and nurses will ALWAYS be needed. I've heard pleanty of negativity about jobs in the US and the UK, but I have 2 Rn jobs here in the US and plan on getting a job once I make it to the UK.

    Good luck to you and everyone else!

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