1. 0 I am a nurse from India with four years of experience. I would like to immigrate into Canada. but 2013 it was closed under the category of fsw. what are the other options available for me to get into Canada. is it possible for me to enter as a student,do my CRNE and become an RN and apply for a visa. Advise needed on this asap!!!!
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    Check cic website. There are several routes but a lot will depend on province. What do you want to do as a student? Which province are you looking at?
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    You should be aware that the job market for nurses is not good in much of Canada right now.
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    Thanks for the reply Silverdragon102. I had been through the cic website,but it just bewilders me. I like to get into Ontario. I am not sure about the Province Nominee Program (PNP). I just tried the Quebec immigration website and tried out the evaluation process for immigration assessment,and with selection zero knowledge in French language,I got a positive result.I am not sure about it though. ]
    And regarding the student thing I asked for is,can i come to Canada as a student for some course/or something like to prep for CRNE,and complete CRNE and register there as RN. Will that work?It's just a thought of mine.
    Here I couldn't get advice from agencies as they all just say fake answers to make us get enrolled into their programs.So,the ideas/suggestions and advises which I get here would be really valuable.
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    To be honest coming on a student visa for CRNE is a waste of money and probably wouldn't meet student criteria. Usually if less than 6 months a student visa isn't required (but check with CIC website to be clear) and the school has to be approved.

    Here is a link re PNP for Ontario but looks like it is closed for the moment and not sure when it will open for 2014. Opportunities Ontario: Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
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    But to get through the PNP we need an offer letter from an employer there,isn't it?
    And how about QSW visa? Is it possible to get through that without French language?
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    Not sure but for the nursing side of things you will be expected to sit French exam within a certain period of time
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    So,there is no way for me to come?
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    You could have a look for a job and see if employer is willing to assist you in either PR or TWP. If TWP you can apply for PR once in Canada and process will take a while. It may be worth checking out a few immigration consultants see what they say and then try and find some immigration forums for Canada and ask questions before following through
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    Just remember it is illegal for immigration consultants to charge you for finding a job in Canada. The government frowns on it. Here is a link for approved advisory https://www.iccrc-crcic.ca/home.cfm?setLanCookie=En

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