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  1. I passed my NCLEX last November 2006 ( California state) and up to now I still haven't got my active license because I don't have a SSN so meaning to say, my files are already abandoned. And now my Visa Screen Certificate will expire this coming May 1, 2012. What is the best way to do? I have a lot of questions on my mind like, do I still need to take the NCLEX again? And will I take another IELTS? Lastly, is it ok to renew my visa screen certificate again? I am stuck in the Philippines for so long already and up to now there is still a retrogression. Please advise. Thank you
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    You shouldn't have to take NCLEX again unless the BON/BRN decides to i you haven't worked as a nurse for several years and you need to activate your license. One solution is apply to another state and meet their requirements. Retrogression will go one for a while yet looking at current job situations in the US so may be worth maintaining VSC
  4. by   FredJr
    With regards to state of California, do i still need to take the NCLEX again? They gave me a letter notification last Nov 2006 that I passed NCLEX and it states that within 3 years I haven't passed my SSN, my files will be abandoned. And now I am planning to apply to state of Colorado to have an active license but they told me that they need the CA BON to pass my NCLEX results to their office. My worries is that I think my files are already gone. That is why I want to know if I still need to take another NCLEX exam. Please advise. Thank you
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Your NCLEX results should be safe. Just complete the form on the BRN website and pay the fee and they should forward results
  6. by   FredJr
    Thank you, what form in the BRN website will I fill up because there is a lot of forms. I don't know which I am categorized. Please guide me accordingly. Thank you so much for your help.