Newly Registered Nurse (Philippines) : How to register in Board of Nurses in Victoria - page 8

I just have my license as a Registered Nurse in Philippines and i want to be registered as an RN in Melbourne. What are the steps that i should do? Thanks... Read More

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    Quote from ryan09
    hi NBV and ANMC are two different bodies, however both of them do deal with the nursing profession. ANMC is for skilled overseas nurses wanting to work and live in australia.NBV is the professional board of nusing in victoria, they can assess your documents directly. and you can apply directly to the NBV without having your papers assessed by the ANMC. and NBV first before Visa...

    i think ANMC is for nurses who want to migrate and work in australia upon directly entry to ozz...even if you will just apply to NBV and if so happened that youre already granted a registration in victoria and you are now eligible to work i think you can still apply for a permanent residency when you have stayed in australia for two years...
    thanks ryan
    this is a great help

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