Need Help On Cgfns Examination

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    Hi Everybody I think I need some help with the CGFNS Ex. I've just failed on July 2003. Iwas really sure that I did well, but I failed. the major problem is that as I'm not living in US i had to travel specially for the examination. And as the comunication with the CGFNS was no as fluent as I would expect, I was told that I was rostered only a few days before the examination date. So I traveled under great stress, I mean, Ihad never been to NY and I traveled by myself. The trip was really great; the only problem was that I failed. I really studied quite little, I have to say. i used The CGFNS study guide and KAPLAN.
    Can anobody recomend other sources of study? Can any body has any experience on CGFNS EX. Thank you. FABY

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    sorry to hear that you failed last July. I passed CGFNS in March and that was my first time for it. I studied on KAPLAN, CGFNS guide book and Mosby. They are all good sources.

    For me it is really important to work on the questions. I did almost 4,000 questions in 3 the book and CD- ROM.

    When will you take it again,BTW??
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    thank you Foreignurse for your answer. I have to dsay that I dindn't studied enough. All the paperwork with CGFNS was very difficult. It seems that everything was complicated for me. Other coleagues from my country, with the same level of education, completed the application easier than me. That's why I didn't know that I was rostered until 2 weeks before the examination. And after tht I had to ask for a visa, that was iisued to me on July 7, and in the same day I had to fly to NY. It was really complicated.
    I hope to sit for it on March 2004. But I dont'n know yet. I haven't received my examination report. All I know is that I failed, learned it through the internet, but I will not be really sure until I get my report, and that is because during the application process there were some documents I sent that were no accepted until I sent another copy of the same document, they also wrote my name wrong, and my address. They also sent my ATT to Filippines by error, and so on. So I won't be sure until I see It written on a paper. Then I will decide when to take again. Thanks a lot for your help.
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    if u need any help...please let me least I could be a supporter. I know it is very hard to study and then failed. For me it was very frustated...but I know you can do it just like everyone does....don't give up :-) and I found out that in CGFNS Hand Book..there is a lot of questions that the same as in the test!! I would suggest the MOsby and Lippincott that very helpful for me.

    been there....done that :-P
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    then again...DON"T GIVE can do it !!!!!
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    I also have to say CONGRATULATIONS!! foriegnurse,sorry I didin't say before, I wrote a lot about myself, although I was thinking on you as well.
    I have all the books you first named, and I might o get Lippincot too. I think that will be enough.
    I agree that it's frustrating to begin all again, but I won't give up.
    And thank you again for your support.
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    hello.I am from another country too. I took CGFNS and they lost my result???
    So I notified that I can register in another state that doesnot need that stupid exam:chuckle
    Go register inCALIFORNIA state and then transfer it to your favorate state as I did. I pass the board and now I am RN . shiva If you have question you can email me THank you
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    Hi Shadi: I believe you, I know how stupid these people can be. I had to send twice almost every document ( translated to English of course) 'cause they didn't understand the documents. And as soon I sent the "double requested" documents, I received an email saying it was a mistake and that i didn't have to send those documents again. the mistake cost me several US$ on private mailing, and several months waiting. Then I was rostered, but not notified on time. I learned by phone (lots of long distance calls,$$$) that I was rostered only 10 days before. I had to organize my trip to NY ( from South America, if you know what this means), ask for the visa and so on, with so little time, that I almost didn't make it. I was really all a problem. and they have made so many mistakes with me, tha I want to have the examination report in my hand to see what I'm gonna do.
    I's been 1 month since they sent it by mail and I've got nothing at all.
    Just in case, who do I have to contact whith to register in Cali?
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    hi,contact to board of nursing in california their number is;


    web site

    you can call them and order a pakage. It is really faster than on line ...
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    thanks alot Shadi I'll try, after I decide what to do.

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