Need advises on migration

  1. Hello everyone,
    i am a newbie here, so please forgive me if I ask inappropriate questions. Thank you I advance.

    i am a RN, and have been working as a full time nurse in a cardiac care unit for 2 years since my graduation. I live and receive my nursing education in Hong Kong, so my professional qualification is recognized by UK.

    Cut the long story short, my question is, where or which country has easier immigration policies on nurses? I am aware Australia has tightened the policy on nurse for a while, as there are too many nurses flocking into the country from south east Asia. Therefore, I have unchecked Australia from my list.

    any recommendation for me is welcome! Thank you again in advance.

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Depends what you want out of your life once you make the move. the US can be hard and for immigration a lot will depend on where you was born. Canada is a long and drawn out process and expensive. Australia, I wouldn't entirely cross that off as we still see many trying to go to Australia