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Moving from Ireland to Canada!

  1. 0 I am a registered general nurse in Ireland, I have a 16yr old son and partner. Can anyone give me advise on which area is best, education for my son, visa's etc,

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    There is no " best " area, it depends on what you are looking for. You need to decide what you are looking for in a home, city, country, plains, mountains, coast, what kind of lifestyle etc..You will need to pick a province and apply to the college of nurses( our licensing bodies are called colleges) for a nursing license. You will have to meet their requirements and then pass the CRNE.You will also have to apply for a visa.Be aware that in a lot of areas nursing jobs are hard to come by.
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    Thank you, ;-)
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    I am sure that SilverDragon will be along with even more advice for you.
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    Been there done that although England compared to Ireland. As mentioned you need to decide on province and what you want out of your new life.Canada is such a huge country that it covers mountains, coastal, island and inland living. Depending on experience and province will depend on route you take to live in Canada whether as a temp worker or PR. If you see my other post regarding new changes to PR via the FSW will give you an idea on requirements for immigration that will vary from what the provincial college requires