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License endorsements..pls help - page 3

I am a Registered Nurse ( Vermont License) and not worked anywhere in US. Currently in Georgia. I am ready to relocate anywhere to get a JOB. I have a Green Card. Anyone please suggest the fast... Read More

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    Quote from danejane28
    Hi.. anyone can help me or assist me on how to apply for NCLEX in Vermont. I'm currently here in the Phil's. I'm a registered nurse here.. And im planning to apply NCLEX in Vermont.. Do i still need a CGFNS Certificate?
    Suggest you check out both the BON for Vermont remember you are applying for license not NCLEX that is just a part of the process and the International forum
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    HI Im a licensed nurse in vermont and i am planning to endorse my license in california. I am a graduate in the philippines and just currently got my SSN. I dont know how or where to start in processing my endorsement. I wish you could help me. And what are the requirements?? I am trying to contact the BRN in CAli but to no avail.. and they dont reply to my emails.. THANKS GUYS
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    Try to look at their website kababayan you must also be aware of the new requirements by CABON with regards to d concurrency issue of theory and clinical cases.