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hi! Ive applied for an assessment for RN in NSW. I can say that I know very much on the how to's in applying for bridging course in Australia since I did it on my own. I got the recommendation... Read More

  1. by   kaiskidoodle
    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to ask which schools offer the CHEAPEST bridging courses? Or are they all priced the same? What's the first step in taking a bridging course? Is it the Board of Nursing who will choose which school i should take the bridging course? What did you mean by "The Nursing board will endorse you to the school......" ? How long is the processing given that you have complete documents? Do you need to pass the IELTS before you apply for a bridging course? Or can you proceed with the application and have the IELTS results follow, later.

    Thaaaanks Mucho! Me and my mom have been searching for schools in the internet for about a month now and we really don't know where to look into. I hope you guys help us.

    Thanks again. Hope i could return the favor someday.
  2. by   kaiskidoodle
    I'd really want to leave early next year. hehe Who doesn't, right?
  3. by   mooh mooh
    Hello. It's me again. What year did you first apply in the New South Wales Board? Coz I've been hearing some news that they only accept in the bridging course those who already have the hospital experience. Thanks so much hotchicgrace!
  4. by   chocokat79
    Hi there! Is this thread still active? I have some questions regarding BP in Sydney...
  5. by   uh_huh?
    Quote from chocokat79
    Hi there! Is this thread still active? I have some questions regarding BP in Sydney...

    psssssssssst! chocokat! it needs cpr i guesss
  6. by   chocokat79
    Quote from uh_huh?
    psssssssssst! chocokat! it needs cpr i guesss

    Hahaha! I guess... It seems hotchickgrace is busy already with the BP. Well good for her. We'll just have to monitor this thread from time to time for any updates. Congratulations by the way!
  7. by   optimistic,RN
    I hope that hoychicgracie would update us about her BP in Sydney..Guys do the college of nursing will recommend a school for you or your the one to choose of what school you're going to enroll?
  8. by   Haoyin
    I suppose you're the one who picks your desired school. But I'm really not so sure with NSW so probably the more knowledgeable person can answer your question like Hotchickgrace. But maybe she already started her BP so let's wait for some good updates from her.
  9. by   optimistic,RN
    Hi Haoyin..I've read some of your post in the Australia/NZ thread... how was your application for BP? I suppose you chose La Trobe right? I just want to ask if you don't mind.. why did you choose La Trobe among all the universities who offers the BP? what does Expiration date signifies on the schools you provided? I really want to try the NBV route but my problem is, how can I find a job after the BP in NBV. Sorry for the many questions I've raised. You're reply is very much appreciated as it feeds my hungry mind. May God Bless you and thank you in advance!
  10. by   chocokat79
    Quote from narscathy
    I hope that hoychicgracie would update us about her BP in Sydney..Guys do the college of nursing will recommend a school for you or your the one to choose of what school you're going to enroll?
    Hi there narscathy! Nope, there's only one school authorized or accredited to hold the Competency Assessment Program in NSW, which is The College of Nursing. That's the name of the school and that's in Burwood, NSW. I guess that's one of the reasons why only a few people choose NSW over other states/ territories.

    have you applied with NMB of NSW?
  11. by   Haoyin

    Still processing my application and keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to get a slot for the next intake. I'll post some updates once I get good progress. As for why I chose the said University, no particular reason, I guess I just didn't want to bother having to deal with the many options and just opted for one which I think is okay. Well, according to google they are one of the best Unis that produces nurses in Australia. So basically, I just didn't want to give more problems to myself in choosing which Uni to go to. (Already had too much problems with NBV and getting all necessary docs)

    You were asking about how to get a job after the BP right? Well, as far as I'm concerned right now, I'm just taking one step forward at a time. I'm sure there are many job opportunities there just need not be picky. And the expiration dates for the schools are the time that they end their contracts with NBV in giving the said bridging program. Some schools though are not offering anymore the program for reasons already mentioned by Chabeli if I remember it right.

    Hope I was able to help you out.

  12. by   optimistic,RN
    @ chokokat79.. No I have not started my application yet. I'm still reviewing for my IELTS exam. I'm weighing my options on what state I'm going to assess for an eligibility.. I'm considering between NBV and the way what does NMB stands for? I really don't know what state to choose from..I'm really the moment I had only 6 months of work experience and that's it. Chokokat79 what state did you choose? and what made you to decide that state? Please enlighten my confused mind. I'm on the verge of collecting ideas and opinions from the knowledgeable people who knows the process from the beginning to start. I would like to say thank you in advance.

    @ Haoyin..thank you very much for the informative response. I just want to get some advise from you. I have 2 classmates in my review and fortunately both of them has the 4 years of work experience as a nurse in middle east but the dilemma was that they want to try the student visa route, by studying again for 1 year which will cost them a million or so. On my own perspective if I'm going to venture a big amount I'll make it sure that I'm going to land a job by just applying on my own. By the way are we still required to take the part a exam here in the Philippines as what in Queensland did to their IEN's? My questions are so many pardon me for doing so. Thank you again and God Bless!
  13. by   chocokat79
    @narscathy: I applied to both NSW and QLD. NMB stands for nurses and midwives board. I suggest you apply to both NSW and VIC if you don't mind spending for the application fees. Then whoever responds positively...

    Another consideration would be, where do you have relatives? Sydney? Melbourne?