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hi! Ive applied for an assessment for RN in NSW. I can say that I know very much on the how to's in applying for bridging course in Australia since I did it on my own. I got the recommendation... Read More

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    Quote from mooh mooh
    Hey hotchicgrace. It's me again. I'm so sorry if I'm getting too inqusitive about your post. Coz I'm 99% sure that I would go to Australia next year to take the bridging program. Actually, I'm planning to take the IELTS this October so that after two weeks, I could start my application in New South Wales.

    Regarding the College of Nursing in Burwood, is it the same as College of Nursing that will come out when you type it in google? I was thinking that there is a hodge podge of colleges of nursing in Sydney, so it may be just one of those institutions. And I searched for the availability of rooms for rent or board and lodging that are proximate to the school. What I saw was an array of expensive hotels and high-class accommodations! When you were in Sydney, did you find affordable places to stay especially for overseas applicants? I could just imagine how much I will spend for the entire 3 months of the program. That's why I'm having second thoughts about it. But hopefully, you know a place where the price is reasonable.

    And one thing more, is the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital just near the College of Nursing in Burwood? I get confused even with the help of Wikimapia because I find the streets in Aussie new, strange and hard to figure out. By the way, RPA Hospital is really huge even when you look at it in the picture. How much more if you were there just in front of the hospital's facade? Maybe it would give you jitters about the thought of working there as a staff nurse

    Again, thank you very much ma'am for being consistent in answering my queries. I hope we could see each other in person

    Regarding the college of nursing in burwood, yep, thats the nursing school that appears on google. That nursing school is usually the school that assesses overseas applicants or I may say they will be the teachers that will grade your performance something if you are competent to work as a nurse in australia. But it still depends on the nursing board on where they will endorse you as to where you will have youre bridging course.

    royal prince is quite near burwood but there are buses from burwood going directly to royal prince alfred or may take the train-2 stations away central station and 20 min bus ride.

    Im not quite sure of the accommodation but you can always google it- cheap accommodation in burwood..i was also looking before coz im just curious. Some priced from $100 up.

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    Quote from ynes76
    hi again hotchickgrace? i came across this information after clicking some of the links in nswnmb.

    credit for prior study in courses leading to registration as a nurse
    category one does not include persons educated as nurses in the philippines. most students enter university in the philippines after only ten years of schooling so that the first years of higher education are considered to be more like years eleven and twelve of secondary school in australia. on available information, the standard course taught in all education institutions in the philippines is not considered to permit significant progress towards achievement of the australian national competency standards for the registered nurse. at this time, nurses educated in the philippines should be considered under category two, if eligible.
    2. category two
    category two includes persons
    • who have completed a nursing course at post-secondary level and of at least two years full-time or full-time equivalent duration, and
    • have been registered/licensed to practise as "first level" or "professional" nurses (however titled) by the relevant registration/licensing authority in the states or countries where the courses were undertaken; and
    • the courses were completed less than ten years prior to enrolment in the nursing course at an australian university recognised by the board
      the person has practised as a nurse (not necessarily first level) for at least three years in the ten year period prior to enrolment in an australian university.

    the education may have been undertaken at a university not considered to be sufficiently similar to australian universities or the education may have been undertaken at technical/vocational level. however the education must have been undertaken at post-secondary school level.
    persons in category two are required to undertake a further two years full-time or full-time equivalent education in an australian university recognised by the nurses and midwives board to provide education for registered nurses. at a minimum, the course should consist of two-thirds of the subjects/credit points that constitute a three-year course recognised by the nurses and midwives board for the education of registered nurses, and the two years of study must include
    • sufficient biological sciences and behavioural/social sciences and
    • an introduction to the australian health care context including the health needs of aboriginal and torres strait island people, and
    • medical and surgical nursing (both theory and practice) (also see note) , and
    • mental health nursing (both theory and practice), and
    • aged care nursing (both theory and practice), and
    • community nursing or primary health care nursing (both theory and practice), and
    • final year subjects which include clinical nursing practice and assessment against the anmc competency standards for the registered nurse.

    examples of students in this category could include
    • a person who has completed a post-secondary nursing course in china and is registered as a nurse in china;
    • a person who has completed a nursing course in india and is registered as a registered nurse (rn) by the indian state or territory nursing board in the state or territory in which the course was undertaken;
    • a person who has completed a nursing course in the philippines and has been registered as registered nurse (rn) by the nursing board of the philippines (which operates within the structure of the professional regulation commission in the philippines);
    • persons educated as nurses in some countries of western europe such as germany and france, and registered with the appropriate authority;
    • persons educated as nurses in some countries of africa such as nigeria, ghana, zimbabwe and south africa and registered with the relevant nursing board/council as registered or first-level nurses (however titled).

    so do you have any idea what all these mean because i am not quite sure if i understand it right.
    thanks again
    hi! ive read it thanks..i have no idea about this one coz it is an individual assessment/ case to case basis. like in my case, i sent all my documents though i was a fresh graduate and was directly advised just to undergo the bridging course. so no need to study full time for 2 years. i would suggest that maybe its better for you to pass it soon so you will receive a definite decision in your case.
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    Quote from hotchicgrace
    hi. I have tried the "am i eligible?". you are right, i will just submit the required papers and just wait for their decision. will you enroll this year for your bridging course at the college of nursing?
    thanks for taking time to reply.
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    Quote from ynes76
    hi. I have tried the "am i eligible?". you are right, i will just submit the required papers and just wait for their decision. will you enroll this year for your bridging course at the college of nursing?
    thanks for taking time to reply.

    HOPEFULLY! coz my recommendation letter to enrol in the college of nursing got expired so Im waiting for the valid one. Once I received it, i will enroll to the school. I hope it wont take long so I can have the february 2010 sched.
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    hi hotchikgrace. so the college of nursing already have dates of intakes for 2010? because i checked the website of the college of nursing, the intakes they currently have are for 2009. what are the other intake dates for 2010?
    thank you so much
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    Hello. I just want to ask if I can take a BP if I am in a dependent visa subclass 572? My fiance will be on a Vocational Education for two years in Australia and I applied as his dependant.
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    Hi hotchicgrace, may I know from what school are you?
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    hi hotchikgrace. how's your application in college of nursing?did u apply already for the february intake? thanks
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    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to ask which schools offer the CHEAPEST bridging courses? Or are they all priced the same? What's the first step in taking a bridging course? Is it the Board of Nursing who will choose which school i should take the bridging course? What did you mean by "The Nursing board will endorse you to the school......" ? How long is the processing given that you have complete documents? Do you need to pass the IELTS before you apply for a bridging course? Or can you proceed with the application and have the IELTS results follow, later.

    Thaaaanks Mucho! Me and my mom have been searching for schools in the internet for about a month now and we really don't know where to look into. I hope you guys help us.

    Thanks again. Hope i could return the favor someday.

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