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    Quote from ceridwyn
    Yes you are! Hope it's recent and not general experience.
    Yes, I'm still working in the hospital right now, assigned in the post anesthesia care unit in the operating room complex.. Im the senior nurse next to my head nurse and I'm glad about the news that Australia is specific about work experiences.. I just hope i wont have hard time looking for jobs there.. My last day will be this dec.23 and my flight to OZ will be Jan.5.. Haha!

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    I will be in melbourne for january intake. Boxhill institute enrolled nursing student. Am looking for a place to stay or rent. Any ideas where to look. Thank u
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    hi everyone,
    I hope this is the right place to ask. I currently have no nursing experience but am planning on applying to direct entry MSN programs that give you an RN during first year. I have a strong background in psychology and am very interested in going the psychiatric NP route. I am interested in possibly immigrating to Aus/NZ -- does anyone know how many years of work experience after the MSN I should get before trying to getting licensed in those countries?
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    You will not be considered an NP in Australia unless you have worked as an RN first for at least 3 years full time.
    You then need to do a master in NP - as you will need to know the prescribing statutes - meds are different names here also, and you will need to know the rules and regs of Australian nursing, which is different to those in the US - different ideas on health system.
    As an advanced nurse practitioner you will be expected to know all this back to front and therefore different system, its still free here at the moment.
    Australia does not have '"graduate"" nurse practitioner positions.

    Our NP's, after study are already working at the advanced level with much experience as they are NP candidates first for a year or so, this is after having 3 years of full time experience as an RN.
    I would be careful if you expect to the considered an RN in Australia after one year study. Our Master graduate degrees are 2 years to be RN.
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    guys, when's the best time to apply for 456 visa?? is enrolment fee not yet enough? must the full tuition fee be paid first before applying?
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    Quote from jems
    guys, when's the best time to apply for 456 visa?? is enrolment fee not yet enough? must the full tuition fee be paid first before applying?
    Atleast 2 or 3 months before you depart.. To give allowance to possible delays..

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    Quote from annie_v2g

    Atleast 2 or 3 months before you depart.. To give allowance to possible delays..

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    hi annie, i have sent you pm
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    Hi! To those of you who lodged their student visas (575) online (evisa), after you have answered all the questions and entered the payment details, when you clicked the submit button, was your TRN given to you immediately? It's because I was only taken back to my last saved page. I emailed DIAC to request for my TRN, but so far they haven't replied. Should I just repeat the whole process?
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    hi ceridwyn, how recent is recent?
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    Hi fellow nurses! It's been a while since I last visited this site. I'm an allnurses member since 2008 but was out for a couple of years due to hospital work and other priorities. When I decided to head for Australia, I went here again. And now, I would like to share some information and some of my experiences during my application for the bridging program. The duration of my application took longer as compared to other applicants due to some reasons (some personal reasons I must say, and my choice too). Since 2006 after graduation, I already inquired about the application process from my agency, at which I knew from the start that IELTS with a band score of 7 or higher in all subtest was the primary requirement. I finally took the courage to take the exam in July 2011. (Imagine 5 years of decision making lol). Quiet long but not that wasted. Because I have been working since graduation from college. Submitted my credentials to AHPRA-Queensland in July 2011, got a reply after a month (August 2011). I was told that my papers were referred to NMBA. Results came in September 2011 but they considered my application as enrolled nurse only, just because they think my school was not deemed equivalent with Australia's educational standards. We countered the decision by submitting other supporting documents so the following month (Oct. 2011), the result came and finally I was considered for Registered Nurse-Division I. I started to inquire from different schools that offers the Bridging Course.. Began with IHNA, tried CON, but ended up with ETEA. Finally accepted the offer in July 2012 for the January 2013 IRON Program. (See how long and how many months I have wasted again. (Again due to my own reasons and choice). But during this time, my letter of eligibility was due to expire in October 2012 so I requested for an extension and luckily, it was granted. (LOE was extended until May 2013). I paid the tuition in August 2012 and lodged my visa application on the last week of August. I received a request for medicals after a week, and the most exciting part, Visa Grant Notice arrived mid-October. I still go to work during this time. I just filed my resignation last November and tomorrow will be my last day at work. I only have 2 weeks now before my flight to Melbourne for the January 9 intake. Excited? Well, I feel nervous than excited and things are starting to sink in when I started viewing my calendar this afternoon. Before I end this up, I would like to thank the forumers in different threads who contributed a lot and really helped a lot of nurses in their chase for the Australian dream, starting from the requirements, processes, agencies, resources and updates from each member. Aside from that, I was able to make friends with the other members too. See I got 13 friends now haha! Not that bad.. Still proud though! I hope I was able to help others too in some ways and answer your queries and messages as much as I can. If you have questions, you can still PM me here because I regularly check this site. To all those who are already done with their BPs, I am proud of you guys. Hope I can make it like you did. And to the beginners, to my possible colleagues in Aussie, I wish us all the luck and success.. I'll see you all in the land down under. God bless you all!
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