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im a foreign graduate, currently here in canada and planning to take the it a requirement to pass the ielts first in toronto? :confused:... Read More

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    Hello everybody ,

    I am really confused about CNO english requirements. In their website its mentioned that u need to have 6.5 in rest and 7 in speaking. Does it mean a candidate with a 6 in reading is not applicable, as in other blogs and by very reputed canadian nursing professional i have read that all they focus on writing and speaking. so one must have 6.5 in writing and 7 in speaking.

    I am really confused what to do. Is it possible to send CNO my two IELTS score cards differently.

    One more thing i have got the application package with me, its nowhere written in the package that we need to send ielts score at this stage, they have just mentioned about the completed forms and fees plus the transcripts from the nursing college.

    So is dat mean we can get the eligibilty to write CRNE w/o ielts score and probably we have to send them after passing the exam

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    Ielts scores are directly send to the Regulatory Body.
    Your application won`t be assessed without language
    testing scores.
    6.5 means that your achieved average score in the Reading, Writing
    and Listening Module has to be either 6.5 or higher.
    Speaking Module 7 or higher!
    In BC the language testing requirements were updated.

    They are focussing on every part of the Module or do you think
    that effective communication is possible without listening and
    reading skills?

    Prepare for IELTS and try to acheive the requested scores!
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    Thanks MOna 77 for the reply.

    If u dont mind are u registered wid CNO too. Because one of my friend who recently got registered with CNO told me dat CNO asked her about the submission of the ielts score ater very long.

    Other than ielts score I can submit my Toeic scores too, but don't they accept Two ielts score.
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    The first step with the CNO is to have your education assessed, the CNO has a high volume of international applicants and it often takes over a year, just to assess an applicant's education (requirement #1). The CNO does not want IELTS submitted at the beginning of the application process because the IELTS results are only good for two years and they will likely expire, before an applicant has completed all 7 requirements for registration in Ontario.
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    no, i am registered with crnbc, just received my provisional registration!
    but a friend of mine is seeking registration with cno!

    you`ll find answers to your questions on cno`s website, but i have copied you
    the applicable passages:

    requirement 4: evidence of fluency in written and spoken english or french

    [color=#212121]the ability to communicate in english or french is essential in providing safe and effective nursing care in ontario. before you can be registered as a nurse in ontario, you must provide proof that you can read and speak in either english or french


    1. the computer-based test of english as a foreign language (toefl) with minimum scores of:
      1. 203 overall (213 minus the standard error of measurement, or sem, the estimate of how far off a score is from an examinee's actual proficiency),
      2. 19 in listening (21 minus the sem),
      3. 20 in structure/writing (22 minus the sem), and
      4. 20 in reading (22 minus the sem).
    2. the paper-based toefl with minimum scores of:
      1. 537 overall (550 minus the sem),
      2. 53 in listening (55 minus the sem),
      3. 53 in structure/writing (55 minus the sem), and
      4. 53 in reading (55 minus the sem).
    3. the internet-based test of english as a foreign language (ibt) with minimum scores of:
      1. 74 overall,
      2. 14 in writing,
      3. 18 in listening,
      4. 19 in reading, and
      5. 26 in speaking.
    4. the michigan english language assessment battery (melab) with a minimum score of 75 (78 minus the sem).
    5. the international english language testing system (ielts) with a minimum score of 6.5. the minimum scores required to demonstrate reasonable fluency in written english on the ielts are 6.5 in listening, 6.5 in writing and 6.5 in reading.
    6. the test of english for international communication (toeic) is accepted for demonstrating reasonable fluency in written english. the minimum scores required are 720 overall, 350 in listening and 350 in reading.
    7. the canadian language benchmarks assessment for nurses (celban) minimum required scores are nine in listening, eight in reading and seven in writing
    check cno website for further exploration!

    ood luck, mona

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    Your information that "the application won't be assessed without language test scores" is not correct when it comes to the CNO.
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    A friend of mine sent his application to CNO a month ago
    and received the information that he has to provide them
    with current english proficiency test results, they won`t
    process his application until they haven`t received!

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    Hey Thanks to Dishes and Mona.......u both were very helpfull.

    So dishes dat means I should straight away give my Application package and side by side i am also preparing for toeic instead of ielts.....

    Which province are u enrolled with Dishes..???


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