How does anyone ever get to be a nurse in Canada?

  1. Guys, I'm having some issues, and yall have been incredible about answering my questions in the past. I'm a native Texan, graduating a BSN program in May, and hoping to relocate to Canada ASAP, to be with my lovable Ottawa-native boyfriend of two years.

    I've been doing a little more research on working as a nurse in Ontario since my last post. I feel like I've got the CNO process figured out: I graduate in May, and send in my packet to them as soon as my university can finalize my transcripts and I get my US nursing license, and then wait on their approval/denial--if I'm approved, then realistically, my next opportunity to take the CRNE is in October. Yay. So I do that..and then I get permission to work as a nurse, according to the CNO, right?

    Or not? And if the CNO is ok with me, that doesn't mean the government is, right? Here are the things that scare me:

    1. I've heard that you have to provide proof of residency in Ontario in order to get a nursing license in Ontario--so I need to relocate before I have a license, much less a job...and also before I have permission to be in the country (see questions below)?
    2. I need my nursing license before I can job-shop in Ontario.
    3. When/if I get a job offer, I have to THEN apply for a temporary work permit, so I can actually legally work in the country according to the government (instead of just being allowed into a profession by the regulatory body). This process takes 2 months...which means I need to have a job offer at least 2 months prior to a start date? And I need to be living in Canada during this whole time...despite the fact that I'll be on passport visa, which only buys me 6 months of stay out of every 12? What employer is willing to hire an international applicant 2-3 months prior to a start date?

    Please help. I have no idea how anyone does this. It seems so impossible.
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  3. by   itsmejuli
    Its not impossible, it just takes time.

    My son's wife just moved to Alberta from Florida. Its going to take 9 months for her to get a work permit.

    So if you're not married to this Canadian guy, I suggest your first step is figuring out what kind of work permit you can get.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Agree what permit are you going for to allow you to stay in Canada? You can apply to CNO now or when you graduate they will not issue a license until you provide them with either PR or work permit
  5. by   TexasCourgette
    I wasn't aware there were different types of work permits--everything I can find on the CIC just references a type of work permit. If I were applying to be a permanent resident, then there would be a skilled worker class I would fall into, but I've only found documents referencing a work permit that allows you to work for up to 4 years:

    There are still some things I don't understand...I can't have a license until I have a work permit--but I can't have a work permit until I have a job offer--how does one get a job as a nurse without a license (which I can't have until I have a job)?
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Skilled route is capped for this year and unless you find a employer and job offer you can't apply plus skilled route requires a minimum of 12 months full time experience.

    If US citizen then you have the option of the NAFTA

    Temp Work Permit requires a employer and a LMO (they have to get that) and depending on the province will depend if they issue a license without providing residency. You can't get a license until you meet provincial college requirements and pass the Canadian nursing exam and if required provide residency, you can however get a TWP as long as you have eligibility to sit said exam and employer
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Also if you come over on a TWP there is no telling how many years it will be issued for could be anything from 1-3 years.

    If you live with your Canadian boyfriend you can apply for co-habitant PR once you have been together 12 months and provide proof like joint bills etc, info should be on the CIC website
  8. by   TexasCourgette
    I don't think I can stay in the country for more than 6 months without a visa--this isn't on the CIC, but it used to be. I am a US citizen, but NAFTA requires a job offer (obviously, and understandably). My question mainly centers around how I am supposed to get a job offer without a license, which requires a work permit, for which I need a job offer... I do understand that I can't come in as a "skilled worker", but I'm not trying to apply for that because it's a permanent resident class.

    Is it a fact that a TWP is required for a license to be issued?

    And I don't think I can apply to the CNO now, before I have my US license, or before I've finished my US BSN program. Silverdragon, do you have any more information on this? You've been very helpful on my threads in the past, thank you for your replies!
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    When I get home from work later today I will post some stuff that may be of help
  10. by   itsmejuli
    It would be a lot easier if you can get that boyfriend to marry you.
  11. by   TexasCourgette
    Quote from itsmejuli
    It would be a lot easier if you can get that boyfriend to marry you.

    Ha, we'll get married at some point, he's my person. But not now, and not for immigration...though I can't say the topic hasn't come up once or twice. Could we say "convenient"?
  12. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from texascourgette
    ha, we'll get married at some point, he's my person. but not now, and not for immigration...though i can't say the topic hasn't come up once or twice. could we say "convenient"?
    i think waiting is an excellent idea and commend you.

    here are a few things i think will help

    a canadian citizen or permanent resident may sponsor her or his spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner, or dependent children to come to canada as permanent residents.

    you need to live together continuous for 12 months and when submitting application provide proof of living together list can be found here

    if you come on a 6 month visa (usually given to usc) you may be able to extend it. you however can not work in canada

    you can however look for a employer (having eligibility to sit crne will be required) and if you find one they provide lmo and you can submit application whilst in canada, have medical when requested, it will be a requirement, twp will be issued as long as requirements met and either continue living together and building up case for pr via the sponsoring family or apply for pr when the cap reopens next july ish and rn's are on the list.

    although you will not get a license issued until you meet requirements and provide proof you are living legally in canada the provincial college will process your application and give eligibility to sit crne as long as the college declares you meeting nurse training requirements. once you have pr or twp (do not need license for twp) you submit to college plus application and fee for temp license which will allow you to work as a rn (with limitations) until you are able to sit crne, which as you know is only help in canada 3 times a year. i applied for twp before i had my license issued but was fortunate to be in canada as my husband had a twp

    in some cases, you can apply for a work permit when you arrive in canada, or from within canada. for more information, see eligibility to apply.

    did you know that you can now apply online for your work permit from within canada?

    you are correct you can't start the process with cno until you have graduated and passed nclex and have a license issued

    hope this helps, please keep us updated on how you get on
  13. by   cvt4canada

    I AM NEW HERE, AND I HAVE BEEN READING almost all your posts. i am to take my crne exam by february, do you know any nursing agencies or employers that can help me in my temporary work permit, because the cic freezes the fsw applications?thanks