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    I am a newly registered nurse in the Philippines. Can I apply in any hospitals in Hong Kong? If not, how can I get any job there related to my field? I already have a place to stay there and found an agency who will process my working visa in case I find a job. please I do really need your advice in order for me to have a job in Hong Kong.

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    Sure, you can apply, but you are going to find it quite difficult to get a job there, especially as a new or recent grad.

    I would stay away from that agency, sounds like they just want your money. Any proper agency there would be the one looking for the job for you.
    Save your money.

    Since we have not seen any from your country going there to work, would assume that it is not something that can be done or it would have been long ago.
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    Thank you for your advise if I may ask what should be my initial step in order for me to have a nursing job there since I dont have working visa I really want to try
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    You need to start with the licensing board there to get licensed before you can do anything about getting a job there. Check with them directly as I think that you will have issues getting a license there as an RN in the first place.

    Please be aware that just because you wish to work someplace, it may not be possible for you to do. And if it were a possibility, then there would be many others wishing to do the same thing as you.

    Make sure that you do everything very legal and above board, and have everything done before even considering going there or you can get into trouble with their government and that would not be helpful to you.

    Please let us know what you find out.
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    Another main issue is the language. The patient note and the most of the documents are written in English, But the Hong Kong RN is speaking Cantonese.(Chinese) which is our mother language. I would say if you cannot speak Cantonese, you are not easy to find a job in HK.
    Here is the link of Hong Kong Nursing Council


    Hope it help.
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    thank you so much all your info's really help me a lot. But if there's any other way you can share for me to have a job related to my field in hong kong please tell me. I do really appreciate it thank you
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    Quote from gizgurl
    thank you so much all your info's really help me a lot. But if there's any other way you can share for me to have a job related to my field in hong kong please tell me. I do really appreciate it thank you
    What we are trying to tell you is that you are not going to find any jobs there for you in health care if you do not speak Chinese. And if the job is not in the role of the RN, then it will not count as work experience for you in terms of getting a job later on in that field.

    Anything in health care requires specific licensure and approval from the government. It is one thing if you have years of experience and then there are other avenues open to you, but without at least several years of actual work experience as an RN, your options just are virutually impossible there.

    Best of luck to you.
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    I'm sorry, it's true. However, if you don't mind, I know some of the Philippine nurses are working in Hong Kong as a nanny or domestic helper. It's really common here. As a professional nurse, I suggest you stay in home-country to gain more working experience in acute hospital then maybe consider to find an english speaking country to develope your furture career.
    For your reference only, the domestic helper salary in HK is ~US$450 per month(include all living cost). RN salary is ~US$2300- $4500 per month. The living cost in Hong Kong is quite high .
    Best wishes
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    And this just verifies what I posted before, you will be unable to work in the role of the RN there.

    And you will not get credit for it as work experience when you do decide to enter the world of nursing again. A domestic helper is essentially a maid, perhaps you may need to give meds to your client, but you will not be thought of as any more than that.

    And as was mentioned above, the cost of living is quite high there so not much money for you to do anything with, and definitely not enough to send home.

    You have completed four years of training, always better to be able to use it as it was designed to be used. Not as a maid or mother'e helper.
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    You MUST speak Cantonese to enroll in the nursing programs in Hong Kong. I just went over to HKU in person and found out. There ARE however jobs at hospitals such as matilda hospital, a private hosp catering to expats that you DON'T have to speak chinese to work at. there are at least one or two more like that here also, I will post when I find out.

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