1. hi! can anyone please help me...
    must i pay first the ces fee before i submit all the requirements to the cgfns?

    in my case, i'm applying for texas license and i'm an rn from philippines. i applied for ces online, sent the necessary documents to them but i haven't made the
    $335.00 payment yet. my order status states " application incomplete" and i haven't received any confirmation to them that they already received my papers. i am worried on what should i do, is it necessary to settle the payment first before they update me? i'm worried because it is non-refundable, i want to make sure.

    on the contrary, my friend who is applying for cvs, haven't also settled her payment yet but already did send the requirements too. our documents were just sent at the exact same time because i was the one who mailed them from here. i'm so worried because we just did the same steps yet she was the only one who received updates and confirmation that her cvs requirements or were received. why is that so?

    rechecked my email add to cgfns couple of times and there was no information mistake. why is that so?

    i hope someone can help me with this. tia.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    CGFNS will more than likely do nothing with your application until it is paid. Your friend for CVS shouldn't have sent anything as CGFNS are paid to do all the running aroound for the documentation. She will also be required to pay before CGFNS will do anything
  4. by   lllenjolll
    HI. I did the exact opposite of what Jeah have done.
    Is it okay to pay first even
    though my school haven't send the needed documents yet?
    pls. reply. thank you!
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Yes it is OK to pay first