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Graduating Soon!

  1. 0 i will soon be a graduated nurse. i dont know how to start or decide where i will work.which floor. plz help
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    Welcome to AN! The largest online nursing community!

    Your school should have all that information for you. Are you in the US?
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    no iam not in US am in lebanon but i want totravel and work in US
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    moved to nurse immigration for best respone
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    Suggest you read the many threads in this forum and the nurse registration forum. Also read up on retrogression as you will be affected and looking at over 6 years wait once you have found a employer willing to wait that long and you won't find a employer until you have met state requirements passed NCLEX and probably less US nurses are out of work.
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    Congrats to you!

    As it's been mentioned above, it is a fairly long process. It will help if you know of real life students or nurses from your country and have successfully gotten thru the USA processing system. Hope you can ask them for some assistance.

    In many states, you will need a SSN to even apply and some require that you are already licensed nurse from your country and will need a copy of the license for verification.

    Since the US is very large, what state(s) do you plan to start work in? To be a traveling nurse, I think you must have at least a couple of year's of US RN experience.