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hello everyone.. I kinda need to know if my step in the process of my career is okey. I am going to accept an offer in Taif, Saudi Arabia on the same field that I am exposed in the Philippines. The truth is , I also have a... Read More

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    Remember that your housing will be covered, so the pay, which will also likely be tax free may be equivalent to what you're getting now. I would encourage you to apply to Aramco in Dhahran. I am an American ER nurse, but since I"m here with my husband as a casual employment, I cannot work here as a nurse. You have to hired from your country of origin. Aramco is a huge compound with gyms, parks, commissaries & life is better here than working for another hospital with few recreational resources. I hope to be hired by Saad Hospital in Al Khobar with as the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, as I've had training in that area. You will have to wear the abaya when off camp but it's no big deal & always go out with your friends. Dhahran is also a short drive away from Bahrain, which is the local party center in this part of the world, so you'll be able to get out & have fun. Good luck!

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    Hi Barbie...
    Does your shift really last 12 hours? Or the 4 hours just overtime?
    How were you able to resign?
    Did you fly with friends? Were you assigned on the same hospital?
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    You know guys it's weird to now post on this forum because before, I used to just surf for stuff that can tell me more about Saudi and hopefully help me make a decision if I would really be ready to start my nursing career in a foreign and socially secluded country. But now that I'm here, I'm glad I took the leap. It's so not a bed of roses but it's not bad like I thought it would be. I'm learning a lot now not just professionally. I guess I'm also lucky that here in Jeddah, it's not really strict.

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