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I am a US immigrant and am planning on going to Autralia to permanently live and work there. I only have a little over 3 yrs of work experience as an RN in a GYN SURG and ONC unit under my belt and I'm under 30 y/o. Will it be... Read More

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    hey there! I'm currently in the US trying to make it over to AU as well.. just started looking at the application and am so overwhelemed and have so many questions..and tips that I come across I'll be certain to mention!
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    Is NZ really similar to Seattle weather? I like that... but I kinda want it to be in main Autralia. Thank you though Hagabel.
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    Quote from mika07
    Is NZ really similar to Seattle weather? I like that... but I kinda want it to be in main Autralia. Thank you though Hagabel.
    O dear o dear. NZ is a completely different country. It's not Tasmania! but a separate country! Government currency history!
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    Yep, makes you wonder on the education of overseas countries about Australia and New Zealand. First Australia was Austria and now the mainland to New Zealand, all in the one thread. Obviously no New Zealanders read this thread.

    We had to learn all the states of the USA and provinces of Canada when we went to school, also covered was the islands and whereabouts of the Phillipines and history of China and that was in general geograhy and history in early highschool, obviously its not reciprocal.
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    Hi. I cannot help but be a bit offended with how you talk Ceridwyn. I know NZ is a totally different country from Australia. Just because my wording is confusing and causes some misunderstanding does not mean you have to pretty much bash the education system of my country. Please be open-minded and understanding enough that not all people here has English as their primary language and that a lot of us (or maybe we're the minority), when we talk or write in English, we're just translating our own language to the English language in our head thinking that the manner in which we speak or write conveys the same message as what we were thinking.
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    If you note, I said the education about Australia and New Zealand not the whole of overseas countries educational standards as here in Australia we are taught so much about many other countries.

    We become a bit offended when our 2 separate countries are always compared as the same. I am sorry that I was not aware english was your second language.
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