Diploma in Nursing obtained at a TAFE institute in Australia

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    does anyone know whether a diploma in nursing obtained at a tafe institute in australia, satisfy the eligibility requirement for the nclex exam (already a us citizen)


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    I believe a lot will depend on your transcripts and hours in Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Adult both in clincial and theory
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    Thanks for the information. Do you know of anyone who had a Diploma in Nursing obtained at a TAFE institute in Australia and then was found eligible for the NCLEX exam after the transcripts were evaluated
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    A Diploma from a Tafe or private Tafe education institute is the new qualification for Enrolled nurses. In Australia it does not give qualification as a Registered Nurse as you must have a Bachelors degree. Though it does give substantial credit when entering a Bachelor degree in nursing, think it is around 18 months to 2 years. The Bachelor of Nursing is 3 years with another year of paid graduate nurse supervision.

    I doubt whether there would be any OB nursing as that does not feature in many degrees at all in Australian nursing degrees as to do OB youy are expected to be a Midwife and have a midwife degree.

    In Tafe they do not do subjects or units but modules, would be difficult to translate back to a foreign country and as this diploma does not give RN qualification in Australia, it would be safe to say it would not give RN qualification anywhere else.

    BTW EN- Enrolled nurse, heard equivalent to LPN.
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    thank you for your reply. while the tafe diploma does not give the rn qualification. could you please let me know if this qualification satisfies the requirements of appearing for the nclex examination?
    i am assuming that passing the nclex examination here in the usa leads to the rn qualification.
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    As this is a new qualification in our Tafe system for Enrolled nurses it has never been tested overseas.

    Though through critical thinking and taking into account as I said before, they are assessed in modules not subjects in Tafe and as it does not lead to a RN qualification in Australia where this diploma is administered, it would be again safe to say that it would not qualify you in the US as they would be wanting a copy of your RN registration in Australia before they would consider your application.

    If they did not want your AHPRA registration they would be wanting to know why, as we do not sit a national exam, so after university or Tafe you apply for registration, I would think all Nursing boards would be wanting that Australian RN registration before assessment. It you would only have EN registration, this would not qualify you for the RN NCLEX in the US I would imagine.

    As I said before I have no past experience in this I think where you are getting confused as in the US there are 2 ways of becoming an RN, not in Australia. I do not think the Diploma at TAfe would be considered the same as an Associate degree at a Community College in the US.

    An Australian Enrolled Nurse as far as I know, has never been accepted as RN in the US, its hard enough for an RN from Australia with a Bachelor to be accepted in the US and they usually need some extra study first in MID and Paeds, before being offered the NCLEX.
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    Thank you for your reply. It was very informative. If anyone has any other information on this subject, I would be most thankful if you could share it with me.
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    Hi Cooperjv,

    Did you find any solution for your TAFE diploma and the RN nursing. I am also in the same situation like yours where I completed my diploma from TAFE australia and now in US trying to register for RN Nclex exam. Could you please share your experience what you had to do or other steps if you are pursuing nursing career in US?

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    Hi Ghimire,

    I had asked this question for my daughter. She has decided to pursue a Degree in Nursing in Australia and hence did not take this route.

    I am sorry that this is of no help to you. Could you please update this thread with what you do.

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    Hi Copperjv,

    I'm currently taking pre-requisites for the BSN program. But I still want to register for the RN. I'm still looking at my options. If I find out anything, I will update it over here.


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