any one in canada now through this join allied agency?

  1. I am planning to apply to CNO for assesment of my credentials and later will apply for Nurse foreign contrat worker. according to this agency the employer will consider my application without the completion of my registration. i will work there as nursing aid while waitIng to write for CRNE.

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Where are you now? You do realise it will be hard to get a TWP when many Canadian nurses are struggling to find work
  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Be VERY, VERY sceptical of anything an agency tells you about working in Canada. The Temporary Foreign Workers program is being overhauled and made much stricter. There will not be any LMOs for RNs, LPNs or health care aides for the foreseeable future.

    [FONT=Garuda]“We are taking action to ensure that Canadians are always first in line for available jobs,” Jason Kenney, minister of employment and social development, said in a statement on the new rules.

    [FONT=Garuda]Among the new restrictions is the elimination of the so-called 15 per cent rule, which allowed companies to pay temporary foreign workers 15 per cent less than the going rate for any given position as long as the employer had paid Canadians that lower rate as well.
    [FONT=Garuda]Ottawa also began charging a $275 fee for companies applying for a TFW permit, and required employers to prove they’d made every effort to fill their openings with Canadians before turning to foreign workers."
    Tough new foreign-worker rules begin, empowering officials to inspect workplaces - The Globe and Mail

    As well, immigration regulations are changing, becoming much stricter:
    Immigrants will have to maintain a "physical presence" in Canada for four out of six years before applying for citizenship. Currently, applicants must spend three out of four years in the country.
    Permanent residents will also need to be physically present in Canada for 183 days each year for at least four of those six years, and will have to sign a formal “intent to reside” in the country.
    Citizenship applicants between the ages of 14 and 64 will have to meet language requirements and pass a knowledge test. Currently, the age range for those requirements is between 18 and 54.
    Penalties for bogus citizenship applications will increase to a fine of up to $100,000 and/or five years in jail.
    Permanent residents who are members of the Canadian Armed Forces will have a fast track to citizenship.

    Read more: Gov't to create longer wait to become Canadian, strip terrorists of citizenship | CTV News

    Ontario, especially the urban areas, is one of the most difficult parts of the country to find work as a nurse, no matter where you're from. Anybody who tells you different is either not paying attention or has ulterior motives - such as parting you from a lot of money. Allied Employment and Immigration Services has a very slick website filled with promises and good information... but it's not current, no matter what the site itself says. If you believe what Allied is telling you, by all means follow up on it. But be prepared to spend a lot of money on assessments, application fees, transportation, accommodations and incidentals, with no guarantee of anything.