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hi :) to all nurses who had passed their nclex and to those who are also in the stage of processing their papers. i would like to ask any of you. (who will read this thread) among the 50 usa states.... .which state is... Read More

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    Quote from sallyp911
    My overseas friend that I have been trying to help get her ATT, just sent me this e-mail, not sure where she got it (see below large bold headings). She also heard from another friend (yes, I know, it's only rumors) that has been doing some fact finding mission that more and more states are going to require a SSN not only in the very application process part but also for all license renewals, even in those states that didn't require them before.

    She said that it's possible there could be a federal law making all states with the SSN requirement a standard practice. Such a federal law would make every states comply with that requirement if it does happen. She said that some states are already making the SSN changes now or very soon.

    VERMONT BON (May 15, 2012) requires SSN effective May 15, 2012

    MARYLAND BON (January 27, 2012) requires SSN effective January 27, 2012

    ARKANSAS BON(June 2011): is requiring SSN for license renewal

    MISSISSIPPI (July 2010): Now requires SSN in order to Apply

    ARIZONA (February 2010): Requires proof of Citizenship or Legal Residency in order to Apply

    CALIFORNIA (April 2010): Now requires SSN in order to Apply

    MISSOURI (June 2010): Joins Compact States

    VERMONT (2009): Requires CES

    SOME STATES: Changes CGFNS-CP Requirement to CES

    NEW MEXICO (February 2008): Requires CES

    I'm not sure this answers the OP's original question.
    THANK YOU! this is more of an information,,but my issue is not about SSN..
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    The issue to me is each state will have their own requirements, CES is what most states require. If you plan on endorsing to CA after passing NCLEX and issued a license in another state then the issues re concurrent cases will still be their as CA do their own assessment
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    To the OP: I'm not sure you found your answer, but here's a link to the 13 States that are NOT best States to apply into due to the strict concurrency enforcements, now we need to FL to the list and there have been some recent posting of someone's denied letter from NV of the concurrency issue, so now it stands at a possible 15 States.


    Keep us posted of your situation so that others can benefit from it, be it good or not so good.
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