Working part time as an FNP

  1. Does anyone have experience working part time as an FNP? Is it difficult to find a position? Is it possible to do it as a new grad? I'm considering going back for my FNP and want to know what to expect as far as work/life balance with kids at home.

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  3. by   YoutubeTheNP
    I have a FT NP job and 3 part time jobs. I've never just worked PT before. But I would assume you would have a difficult time as a new grad with no experience. Not only would you lack experience and require assistance from your attending the first 1-2 years, you'd also slowly gain experience working PT which is never a good thing. You also need to work a minimum amount of hours per year to maintain license. I forgot how many hours though.
  4. by   ManicMommy123
    I think you can certainly find jobs that are flexible as a nurse practitioner depending on your area of location. Have you done a job search?

    FNPs at this point, are not forced to work in a family care clinic, many work in specialty and they may only want someone part-time or 12 hour, etc.

    I work prn as a NP, but have lots of experience.
  5. by   msufan3710
    My PT job as a NP is essentially a full time one. I get called ALL the time and have to do billing crap even on my days off.
  6. by   BCgradnurse
    I have a full time job but also work part time in Urgent Care. Part time jobs exist but I've seen that most want experience.
  7. by   overlooked
    I will start working part-time as a volunteer NP because I can't seem to get a job. I think there is some descrimination that I am dealing with. There are so many people in my area going to school to be FNP the market is saturated. I believe there can be work life balance if you know what things to sacrifice, such as a social life. I juggled school, work and home while I was attending school. I tried to work ahead on assignments when possible. Sometimes I spent Saturdays enjoying daylight with the cchildren and staying up all night to complete assisgnments. There are often cohorts that are suppportive of each other. My classmate cohorts and I lived in differenct cities, but we were able to make a connection and sometimes worked on our group projects together. I made a lot of crock pot meals or sandwiches. Throw a load of lothes in the washer, type a paper. Find a program that provides clinical placement sites. We had to find our own clinical sites and that made it difficult.