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Hello! I have seen forums for the previous years' application cycles, but not for the class starting fall 2012. Sooo... how's it going for everyone? I take the GRE on Friday (gah!) so of course I'm trying to avoid studying for... Read More

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    Yes, I just took the information on the financial aid packet and used it on the application!

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    What application? I feel like I missed something. I filled out the FASFA. What else were we supposed to fill out?
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    Anyone know how difficult it is to add a dual certification or change specialties in Vandy's program (FNP particularly)?
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    I've heard it is pretty difficult. You have to basically reapply. Change your goal statement to incorporate the change and why you feel that you want that. You may also have to wait a year if a spot isn't available.
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    I was wondering the same thing. I applied for FNP but I kind of want peds. But I haven't even gotten in yet...
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    @asulliv4: Even if you are distance student for FNP? I mean the whole reapply thing doesn't bother me, but I hope i wouldn't have to wait a whole year, yikes!
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    Well I am not sure if you are distance. I just remember a guy on the student panel last year at the open house changed from mental health to FNP. He said it was extremely nerve-wracking and he strongly advised against doing so. He only changed to FNP because there are more opportunities for loan repayment. He said he risked having to sit out a year. So I imagine he wasn't a distance student.
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    Can someone give me the numbers for credits? I was trying to fill out the form that you guys were discussing but I left my sheet at home. I would greatly appreciate your help!
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    i think its 12+ but if you write 12 you should be ok (that's fulltime)---this is for financial aid, right?
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    Yes it is for financial aid.

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