UTHSC Fall 2012 MSN applicants

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    Hi, I recently applied to UTHSC for the MSN program and I was just wondering if anybody found anything out about their admission status. myUTlink hasn't changed for me so I was just curious to see what other people were getting. Thanks!

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    Hi can someone give me a basic run down of the pre reqss for UTHSC....is it the same as TWU? trying not to put all my eggs in one basket and JUST apply to TWU

    fyi TWU pre reqs are

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    Hey! I havent heard anything yet either. I called them and they said all the letters have been mailed out, so hopefully soon.
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    So my application said that it was denied and a friend of mine who also applied with me got her rejection letter like almost 2 weeks ago and I still haven't gotten mine, so I guess what I'm trying to ask is if you got any kind of letter at all?
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    I have not heard anything, either way. My application status still says completed. No letters, nothing. Still waiting.
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    When have/when did you have your interview?? I STILL haven't received anything by the way
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    I havent been interviewed yet...Have you been? and yes same here, NOTHING yet..
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    I interviewed back in April and then my status was updated and said I was denied, so I know I didn't get in but I haven't recieved anything "official" yet. Have you tried emailing?
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    I've emailed them, they haven't replied. I called last week and they said they are definitely still interviewing.. So i am not sure when we will find out...hopefully soon.
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    I just don't see how they can STILL be interviewin when orientation was like a month ago...weird. Yeah I emailed them also and haven't gotten a response

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