TTUHSC FNP Fall 2013

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    Has anyone applied? or know how many they take and when we will find out? Let me know!

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    I have also applied for this fall. I was told that acceptance/denial emails will be sent mid-may.
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    I have also applied! Pretty nervous, as I applied last year and didn't get in. Trying not to get my hopes up too high this time! Also applied at TAMU Corpus Christi...hopefully I will get into one of them!
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    Do you know how many they normally accept?
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    I sure don't...I just know that it is very competitive! It's become a lot more competitive within the last few years!
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    This is my first time applying. A friend of mine didn't get in till his third attempt! So I'm hoping it'll work out but it seems I may need to try more than once!
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    Well good luck to you! did you do your undergrad there?
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    Yes. I'm actually graduating next month. I was told that they'll look at everything I've done so far and go off of that. I figure it's a long shot that they'll accept me, but I'm going for it anyway!
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    Good for you!! It's a great program and will make you a strong nurse! I graduated from there in 2007. I feel like it prepared me well!
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    I graduated from there Last year. I also heard it was a Long shot:/ they like to see at least 3 years of expierence. But praying I get it! Keep me updated on y'all's status!

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