TAMUCC FNP Fall 2013

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    Anyone else out there apply to this program??

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    I applied for the fall!
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    Cool! I emailed them to see when decision letters would go out and they said the last week in June! That's so long!!! I just want to know!
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    Me too!!! This whole applying for graduate school and having to wait to hear if we are accepted stinks! It's such a long process & stressful!
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    I applied, no word yet.
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    I applied also. Applied to Angelo State and did not get accepted now I am really nervous.
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    Yeah, I've applied to texas tech two years in a row and wasn't accepted either time. It's so nerve racking having to wait like this! I never dreamed it would be so hard to get into an NP program. Very frustrating and discouraging b/c I feel like I'm a well qualified applicant. I think the number of applicants is just so high that it makes the odds not in our favor! I guess I'll keep at it until I get accepted somewhere!
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    Got my rejection email today from tamcc. Good luck to everyone
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    Placed on waiting list...wonder what the chances of getting accepted are.
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    When did you guys hear something? I still haven't heard anything. And the waiting game continues...

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