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Anyone else out there apply to this program??... Read More

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    The letter also said wait listed. If u don't get in theyvput you on the list. Not going to hold my breath though. A work acquaintance of my received her acceptance letter also
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    Yeah, that's what I figured! Gonna start studying for my GRE. I've avoided it for as long as I can but no luck! I wish someone could tell me exactly what is holding me back or what exactly they are looking for, because I keep falling short of what it is they are looking for.
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    I called and spoke with advisor. He said that over 400 applied, only 100 accepted and almost 200 on waiting list. He told me everything looked good for me but I was not in the top 50 on waiting list...and realistically how many are going to turn a spot down. So I DO know that my GPA is less than 3.5 (boo for being young and dumb) so I have decided to change to a leadership msn and then apply post grad for FNP. I think that this may be the only way to increase my chances. Good luck to everyone!
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    I think that sounds like a really good idea! Thanks for letting us know! And I'm totally with ya on the young and dumb thing...I graduated nursing school when I was 21. Looking back now, I would have done some things different! And now I'm kicking myself for it! Oh well...it will all work out eventually. Good luck to everyone!
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    If leadership is something you are interested in call advisor and you should be able to get in for Fall.
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    Ami2002, are they making you refill out the application, pay the app fee and redo your essay to pursue the leadership option??