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Hi all! Has anyone found a good RN-FNP program online that does not require GRE and maybe does not charge out of state tuition rates? I have already applied to U.S.A but this is really a difficult... Read More

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    Heidi- Frontier would have 2 required campus visits (3 if you are doing the ADN-FNP which you're not)...one is at the beginning called Frontier Bound and it is 3-4 days (I can't recall off the top of my head) where you get oriented to your classmates, instructors and online learning. For me, its like a 4 hour drive, which of course I don't want to have to do, but I understand the reasoning. Lots of people fly in. You are housed on campus and fed home cooked meals (so I have heard). Then the second time is right before clinical... called Clinical Bound and that is where they go over the requirements for clinical and there is a lot of teaching of procedures and techniques, like pelvic exams and suturing. Its 8-10 days for that one, but I am kind of glad for that because these advanced procedures I would want to have some practice before actually doing it. The program is front loaded... all didactic work up front, then clinical the last few semesters. This could pose a problem for those who work a lot during the week... there is 675 hours of clinical that you have to complete in 6-9 months (I forget what the max time limit is.) A lot of people drop down to PRN at that point or part time... or if they weekends it should be ok... just busy.

    I was really dead set on a program where I would not have to travel... but Frontier just seems to be the right fit for me.... so I am willing to do it.
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    Hi Heidi and all,

    I have researched many programs over these weeks and outside of U.S.A. it seems that Frontier has one of the better programs and this is where I will be applying. The price and length of program is comparable and they got great ratings. Almost all online programs require that visit or two, to the University but it will be worth it.
    Good luck everyone.
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    I can tell you honestly I suck at algebra, calculus, trig and others totally. Yet, I have earned two bachelor's degrees, one in nursing without having to suffer through any of those classes. The thought of taking the GRE or GMAT terrified me. Instead, I applied (18 months ago) to Ball State's FNP program and will (finally!) begin this fall. Per credit hour even including out of state tuition, they are going to cost me less than Kent State, U of Cincinnati, Cleveland State, OSU, etc... 27K total (classes, books, fees, etc...). I may be 27 K more in debt in three years, but FNP's around Ohio can make 140K/yr plus. Eventually I would like to do Cardiology or Oncology for my speciality, and fill the hospitalist's role too someday.

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