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Okay. Here's a different scenario for ya. So I was in a situation today where my company had a going away party for one of the NPs that is leaving and moving on to another job. This is very corporate-and we are all eith NPs or... Read More

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    I don't think one drink would hurt my judgement but a lawyer or the BON might beg to differ. You did the right thing to protect your license, profession, and patients.
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    I agree with all the posts, don't drink on call period. I have smelled docs coming in with etoh on their breath and I don't think this is an uncommon thing. I have actually heard docs talk about being out at breakfast and drinking mimosas. i wouldn't dream of doing this for the same fear you have duckfan. We have worked way to hard to mess this up now!!! Thanks for sharing.
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    I didn't face a situation such as this with an APN but I remember when I was a CNA at a LTC facility and the administration had went out for their own christmas party. They weren't really due to come back to work and I was working nigh shift at the time. At about 8pm one of the head LPNs who worked in adminstration stopped by with his girlfriend (another LPN at the facility and quite sure she was the driver). He was clearly intoxicated and really did not need to stop by. It was very unprofessional but at this particular facility, administration could get away with murder. He was never reprimanded for his behavior. I'd hate to think that an APN would function in such a way. If the party is from 3 to 6 and people were off call at 5 then like a previous poster said enjoy yourself and pop a brew at 5:01. I'd hate to have to think that a person I was trusting with any family members whether in an acute facility or long term was drinking while on the job whether one beer or not.
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