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PMHNP work/ life balance

  1. 0 Are there any PMHNP or those in the know who could share some details about hours per week worked? Also if you could include work setting (in patient, out patient, correctional facility, etc.)? I've looked at job postings advertising 40 hrs, no weekends, no holidays, no on call... Seems pretty sweet! almost too good to be true.
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    talk to PsychGuy, he has a SWEEEEEEEET set up!!
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    About 40 right now. Combination outpatient hours and in a team setting on in-patient. It really depends on where you work and what the expectations are especially on-call and if you have to round to do consults.
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    Bumping for other responses.
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    I work 36 hrs a week in outpt- 4-9 hr days. no weekends, no call, 4 weeks PTO, 1 week education and 1 week sick time. The clinic I work in is GMH. The trade off is only getting 1 hr and 20 min a day of doc time with 20 min med checks and 1 hr psych evals. Its busy, limited support as there is no "team" as compared to SMI clinic.