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Hi Guys, I am currently enrolled in a PMHNP program. I was wondering what my realistic salary expectations should be? I am willing to relocate to just about anymore (preferably warm!) I search listings often and find that... Read More

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    I am a Psych RN that is one year into my PMHNP program and I have already been courted and offered 2 jobs and I don't graduate until December. There is a need in Alabama for 700 psychiatrists and there are only 300. There are only 50 PMHNP and 15 of them work for the VA. One job offer was for 6 figures and the other was close. That being said I went into the mental health field because I love my patients and want to improve an area of care that is unfortunately in dire need of improvement. You should not go into any area of service for money; however the idea that a PMHNP is not going to be in demand throughout the country is false. Experience, education, and personality will all affect salary negotiations so I would concentrate on doing a great job, learning as much as possible, and presenting myself as an advocate for mental health. Good Luck!!!

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    Which schools closed their psych track?
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    BamaPsych, I am currently working at a geri-psych unit in Bham and have been prompted by our Dr.'s to go into the pmhnp program at UAB... I am curious which program you are involved with. They have basically offered me a job upon completion with a promise of being at, or very near the six figure mark. PM me if you would care to share some information. Thank you and good luck to all
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    Hi all,
    I am an adult NP. but I think that there is a great need in psy NP in my population. But I am worried about the the work load daily. I need to see 20 or more pts every day in my clinic. How many pts will a psy. NP need to see daily? Also, is there a lot of paper work and f/u labs reports need to do everyday?

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