PMH-NP programs: Looking for feedback- where did you go, and how did you like it?

  1. 0 I'm looking for more info on PMHNP programs. I've been a psych RN for about 5 yrs and considering going back to school. I'm particularly interested in information on the following:

    -rigor of curriculum
    -type of curriculum- are you constantly writing papers on things that aren't directly related to clinical practice?
    -faculty- do they take the program seriously, are they invested, do they eat their young?
    -did you come out feeling reasonably prepared to prescribe?
    - did you get any therapy/counseling training?
    - was advanced pathophys/health assessment/pharm included in your program? I have never done med surg and want to brush up on this stuff before be becoming a prescriber.
    -were students content/satisfied?
    - where were your clinical sites? I would like to do both emergency psych and consult-liaison work (consulting on psych issues in the inpatient medical setting).

    I am particularly interested in these schools although I welcome info on all programs! (excuse my lack of caps; I'm typing on an iPad)

    Ucsf, uc Denver, Yale, u Illinois-Chicago, rush, bc, umass Lowell, northeastern, mgh ihp, Columbia, NYu, univ. Rochester, case western, OH state, ucsd, u Washington

    I am hoping this thread can be a resource for many!
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    I don't believe UCSD has a nursing school...
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    Below is the link to Ohio State's psych/mental health NP program that outlines the courses that are in the curriculum. There's public access to the course descriptions if you want a little more info on them. I'm starting in the grad entry program in June so I can't speak about the program, but I've always had great and prompt feedback and response from the contacts for the programs and I can PM you their email.
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    Oops I meant San Diego state.

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