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So excited that this chapter of my life is officially OVER and I wanted to share my resources with you all. I can honestly say that I started studying in May and passed both test in September. I did plenty of questions... Read More

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    If you are taking the AANP exam, don't waste your time studying research design and all that "fun" stuff. Study that if you are taking the ANCC exam.

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    Quote from AtomicWoman
    If you are taking the AANP exam, don't waste your time studying research design and all that "fun" stuff. Study that if you are taking the ANCC exam.
    Thanks!! I didn't see it in their content blueprint but didn't want to miss anything!!!!!! :-)
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    I have yet a while to go before finishing myself, but this is helpful information to keep in mind.

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    Congrats on passing both your AANP and ANCC FNP exams! I am planning on taking the exam again in June....long story short, I graduated 7 years ago and is not taking the test, did not pass it the first time. I used Fitzgerald mainly.
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    thanks for the info
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    I thought the FamilyNP Prep site, even though was supposed to be AANP, seemed more like ANCCs test plan. AANP sells a practice test that you can do online , I thought it was much more similar to the real thing than the FamilyNP preps site.
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    I'm having trouble with the scenario questions, specifically for the AANP exam. I have done the Barkley live review. However I didn't pass AANP the first time. Now I have Fitz books and cd's, the Leik book and I'll find a website with other practice questions. Sometimes its hard to decide the best answer & i find myself saying, it depends on how you look at the situation then i choose the wrong answer. Does anyone have any other advice that could help me?I'm really stressed and struggling at this point. I need to get this behind me.
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    This was a great help to me. ANCC

    See the Test Taking strategies course; it includes tips and 50 test questions that show rationale & application of the test taking strategies.
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    Hi MLGDNP 12

    Thanks for great info and your advise.
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    Just passed ANCC. Very interesting test. Found the ANCC test bank, ANCC test tips very helpful. Did Fitzgerald CD's and found them to be good, but too much extraneous information that is better reserved for actual practice. The most helpful by far was APEA Hollier. Absolutely fabulous. Did the online review, which was better than being at the live session because I could watch it twice and could still see all the slides. Hollier's derm section was invaluable. Best money spent.

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