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Need advice for the ANCC

  1. 0 Hello all. i took the AANP exam and almost passed the first time. Took Fitzgerald and got a lower score. Now i am sitting for the ANCC on the 22nd. Please any advice would be helpful!
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    I took Maria Leik's live review and listened to Amelie Hollier's CDs and passed AANP the first time. Both Leik and Hollier offered very practical advice for taking the exams. I also listened to Fitzgerald's review CDs but found them to be too detailed for the purpose of the exam. Hollier & Leik cover the basics of all the same systems as Fitzgerald, but they both actually tell you what you need to know to pass the exam the first time. Leik even offers a money back guarantee BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!
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    The ANCC has a lot of ethical, scope of practice, and medicare/medicaid questions. Make sure you cover these areas. Best of Luck and stay "POSITIVE".
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    I am thinking about taking the Maria leik's live webinar. Did you find this review course helpful? Thanks
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    I took Fitzgerald's live review course and also bought her CDs review course on eBay. I wish I would've skipped her live
    course and just got the CDs as they are basically a recording of all that's covered in the course. Her textbook that is handed out at the review course was helpful. I took ANCC test for FNP and passed first try and I really think just listening to her CDs over and over helped ingrain what's on the test. Good luck.
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    I have her CDs also. I listened to them once and plan on listening to them a couple more times. Thanks
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    I so hope you passed your board. Please let us know how it went.
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    I have not retaken my boards yet. I will be taking the review course next month and then I plan on retaking the exam.
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    ok. Good Luck
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    Thank you! As soon as I pass I will post. I just want to get this test behind me so that I can move on. I trust God!
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    I went to the weekend Fitzgerald review and listened to the CD's over and over again. I also scheduled 90 minutes study time three times daily for 30 days prior to the exam. This scheduled study time helped me to track and give myself credit for the "work" I was doing to prepare. In the areas I felt low knowledge base in I went to CME and did online continuing education credits. With this structured self-study format I passed AACN my first time. Good Luck to you!