Msn fnp interview at duke university - page 4

I interviewed today for the FNP program at Duke for spring 2013. Anyone else out there in the same boat?... Read More

  1. by   AVLR
    Yes, I fortunately got in. I will be doing a post master's certificate in ANP-primary care. how about u?
  2. by   spilm206
    I got in! FNP online option for Spring 2014 - anyone else in that group?
  3. by   EmmieRN
    I am waitlisted for the online FNP program for spring I hope I get in!
  4. by   nurseme3
    I got accepted to full time distance FNP
  5. by   spilm206
    NurseMe3 - Sounds like we will be in the same class, although I am in the part-time program. Congrats!
  6. by   spilm206
    EmmieRN - I've heard of lot of people get in on the wait list. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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  7. by   nurseme3
    EmmieRN: In the words of my interviewer, the wait list is deep but moving. She said that if someone is on the wait list, they should plan life as it they get in. I hope that everything works out.

    Splim206: Congrats to you too!
  8. by   MANDINCRN
    I am another waitlisted FNP hopeful! Anyone have any idea when we should hear something? What is your plan B?? Good luck to you all!
  9. by   MANDINCRN
    Anyone on the waitlist hear anything yet?? I am anxiously waiting!
  10. by   EmmieRN
    I'm still on the waitlist. I called back when the decisions first came out and was told that they would make decisions about who would get a slot in 4-6 weeks, so that should be going on right now. I'm also wondering if anyone has heard anything.
  11. by   MANDINCRN
    Emmie, fingers crossed for us both! I wish they would tell you something either way just so we would KNOW. I contacted them a couple of weeks ago to ask if they had accepted anyone off of the list yet and they said they could not tell me. BOOOO!
  12. by   MANDINCRN
    Emmie, any news for you yet? Are you going to roll over your application or go another route? I have not heard anything and at this point I am not very hopeful
  13. by   EmmieRN
    No news yet. I called last week and was told that they hadn't pulled anyone from the wait list yet and could not say whether or not that would even be happening. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and will definitely roll over my application if I don't make it in for Spring. I have my heart set on Duke so I haven't thought about other schools just yet. What about you?