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I interviewed today for the FNP program at Duke for spring 2013. Anyone else out there in the same boat?... Read More

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    When did you Spring 2013ers here if you got an interview for the program? I applied for the Spring 2014 MSN FNP program, and I am hoping to hear about an interview soon. Thanks!

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    I applied for the NP program for Spring 2014 too and have not heard anything yet. I was told though that the interviews are scheduled around the 2nd week of July.
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    I applied for the Adult Primary Care program concentrating in Orthopedics. I got my notification of interview last week Wednesday, and my interview is the July 8th. Does anyone have an idea of what the interview is designed to consist of? I am doing and on campus interview.
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    I will be interviewing on July 10 on campus and I have no idea about the interview.
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    I just had an interview for the part-time, online FNP program. It was pretty straight forward, and the interviewer was very nice. She did say that the FNP program is one of the most competitive and that there are 70-90 spots for over 160 students who are interviewing. Definitely not feeling overly confident! Should hear something the first week of August...
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    Waiting to hear back for the FNP Spring 2014. My interview info session said we would hear August 1. Has anyone heard anything? Good luck to everyone.
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    I was expecting to hear from admissions today too but I have not
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    Decisions are out..check your online application
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    AVLR, I think we doubled check SISS at the same time. Hope your news is good.
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    Yes, I fortunately got in. I will be doing a post master's certificate in ANP-primary care. how about u?

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