MSN dilemma for a new RN w/a non-nursing bachelor's degree MSN dilemma for a new RN w/a non-nursing bachelor's degree | allnurses

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MSN dilemma for a new RN w/a non-nursing bachelor's degree

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    I'm a new RN who graduated from a well-respected hospital diploma program in August. This is my second career after working in sales for 9 years right out of college. I majored in Biology. I have been working in a neuro-ICU since November. Now that I'm getting settled into my job, I want to go back to school. Since I have a non-nursing bachelor's degree, I was looking into MSN programs. That led me to look into NP programs. I'm fairly certain that I'm going to pursue the MSN and not BSN, both due to a time and $$$ factor.

    What I would like (and am not sure if it's possible), is an MSN/NP program that I can do as diploma RN w/a non-nursing degree.

    My backup plan is to pursue the MSN with either an education or admin track, which many schools offer. More than likely it would an education track b/c i wouldn't mind teaching at some point. I also would be open to picking up the NP post MSN and have seen that many school offer that option as well; however, I'm not sure if that would make me any more marketable than just doing the BSN, then the NP.

    Although I enjoy learning and will always seek out opportunities to learn and further myself professionally, I don't want to be in debt foever, especially when I had paid off my undergraduate loans 4 years ahead of schedule. And, I would like to retire from my official student days

    Any advice from those out there with more experience or who have been in a similar predicament?

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    I can speak for the NP programs @ the University of Toledo. They are Master's degree programs (Family and Peds NP) and they require a bachelor degree in any field in addition to your nursing degree. I am an RN with an ADN degree in nursing as well as having a BA in communication. Not sure about other programs, but this one does not require your bachelor be in nursing. Good luck to you!
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    Since you're in a special situation (ie: you're an RN but your bachelors is in another field), I would directly contact the schools you are interested in and see what they think. I think most schools would make an exception for you, since you already have a college degree. Getting the BSN seems pointless.
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    In my own experience, the MSN programs I considered 5+ years ago required a BSN and did not accept my BS (Psych) undergrad degree. Since then, schools seem to have loosened up this requirement (although I did get the BSN because at the time MSN programs wouldn't consider me). I know of various MSN programs that do require applicants to have a BSN, but others that don't. Usually this information is right on the school's website.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I'm currently leaning toward the Aspen Univ MSN bridge program. I'm really impressed by the offerings at U of Toledo though. I'm trying to track down cost of their programs. I have a PA license but would be willing to get an Ohio license if needed, which appears to be what they require.
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    I am in this same boat. My original BA is in Public Policy and Geography and I am almost done with my ASN. My ideal would be to do a dual program and end up with an MSN and an MPH. I have found a few online MSN programs that will take non-nursing bachelors most notably Sacred Heart and UMASS Amherst. My concern is how this will be view by hospitals when I graduate. I'd be glad to hear what you end up doing and would like to hear about anyone else in a similar situation.