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Master in nursing (distance educ.)

  1. 0 Hi!

    I'm looking for a section here regarding Continuing Education or Graduate studies but I couldn't find one. Is Dalhousie Univ. offering online post grad. courses? or master in nursing online? Im currently overseas and only distance learning will do for me. I looked at their website and there's not much info.

    Does anyone here have taken online courses? what universities offer best post RN certificate/ MN?

    I would really appreciate any input!

    PS: Maybe the forum master can create Continuing Education section so it will be easy to post and search.
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    Are you a US RN? I would contact the universities directly to see what they have. If you are a military spouse, the post/base education office might be able to point you in the right direction.

    I looked at the Dalhousie U website - I gather you are a Canadian citizen?
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    I may be traveling abroad next year due to my husbands work and have on line grad school as a contingency plan if I cannot work as an RN. This is were I got my BSN and would consider for graduate studies.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you very much for responding to my post! I'm ecstatic when I read your comments, I'm currently holding a Philippine license but my husband is from Canada. We usually spend our summer in the maritime.

    Looks like I missed the deadline for Dalhousie, but I'm definitely considering other universities. The thought of gaining knowledge and leverage in nursing inspires me. I have been out of the clinical area for 4 years because of my husband's work. Now, I started my work as a school nurse and I'm looking for more opportunities in the future that's why I want to pursue higher education.

    @ TraumaRUs, Thank you for your info!

    @gardenvarietyRN, thank you for the link.... I'm going to give them a call later, it's 3 Am there while Im writing this email
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    Prior to getting into a NP school I researched online versus on-campus programs.
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