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Hello All, I am new to this forum and I was just wondering if anyone had applied for the Fall 2013 FNP program at Maryville University? I have applied and thought it would be interesting to meet others who have as well. Kris... Read More

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    Congrats that's great Noly

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    Congrats Smartin and Noly!!!
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    Hello All,
    So when we start this fall our tentative graduation date will be December 2015 is that correct?

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    Hi there, anyone from Jacksonville Florida attending g the online FNP program? If yes. Any luck finding preceptorship. Does maryville help set up the agreement?
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    Has anyone had there welcome call yet? If so, did you set this up or does Maryville contact you to set it up?
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    I haven't heard anything since I got the acceptance call/email. No info about registering for classes, financial aid, or anything else. I was going to give it a few more days and contact my admissions advisor if I still haven't heard anything. Has anyone gotten any of this info?
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    I have received financial aid confirmation. No info on welcome call though.

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    I have just been accepted to start Fall of 2013 I am ready to get going!
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    Quote from pmarie510
    I have just been accepted to start Fall of 2013 I am ready to get going!

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    congrats pmarie!!

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