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Hello All, I am new to this forum and I was just wondering if anyone had applied for the Fall 2013 FNP program at Maryville University? I have applied and thought it would be interesting to meet... Read More

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    congrats pmarie!!
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    I also have applied to Maryville's FNP program to start in Fall 13. Congrats to all who have already been accepted!! My application was sent for review on May 2, so its just been two weeks. My advisor told me it normally takes 3-5 weeks before you hear back so I'm trying to be patient...I was just wondering if any of you knew how long exactly it took you to hear from them. I'm getting anxious!! Hopefully I get accepted as well!
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    It took about a month for me to hear back. Waiting is the hardest part!
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    It took about 5 weeks for me to get an answer.

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    I have been accepted to start Fall '13 semester, I have not read through the thread but has anyone had their welcome call? If so how was it?
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    I just got my acceptance letter!!! I'm so excited to start!

    In my email they said they would call to schedule the welcome call 6 weeks before classes, so it will probably be sometime in July if you're starting the program in August.
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    I have been accepted to MVU for the fall as well. I am excited, however I also got accepted to University of Cincinnati. Trying to make up my mind what will work out best for my family. Has anyone heard from current students in MVU's online FNP program? I am a little worried that there might be glitches since it has only been online for the last year. I would love some feedback.
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    Congrats to all of you that has been accepted into Maryville. I unfortunately turned them down because of the tuition costs and the length of the program. I continued to search for something more suitable and decided at the last minute to try walden. any of you know anyone that has done walden's program?
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    Can I ask how much Maryville wants for tuition? I was starting to look into them.
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    Quote from fuzzy911
    Can I ask how much Maryville wants for tuition? I was starting to look into them.
    I has been told by my advisor that it is $728/ credit. Comes out to @ $35,000 for the whole program.
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    I did decide on Maryville over University of Cincinnati. The pace and the greater than 700 clinical hours is what has sold me. Plus I asked my advisor through Cincinnati what the pass rate of the boards for their students has been. They said 90%. Considering the national average is 88% and Maryville's pass rate is @ 97%, I figured Maryville is a better fit for my goals.
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    Congrats to everyone! I received my acceptance e-mail Tuesday, looks like I'll be joining quite a group! I'll be doing the online program and very nervous of how That will work.
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    Inregards to the gpa requirement, is it cumulative or your most recent nursing degree?

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