Looking for info from NPs who have worked for HCR Manor Care/Heartland

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    I am considering going there to work. I would like to talk with any NP who has worked with them.

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    I know in my area, they are always looking for APNs to round on their NH pts. I live in central IL.

    I worked with an NP that worked for the medical director of several facilities - she liked it very much.

    I would wonder how many its you are expected to see per day, how many facilities, do you get mileage?
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    Well, they are saying 11-13 pts a day in 2 local facilities. I'm not sure about mileage.They want me to round on the acute/subacute rehab pts, not the long term care. I have some concerns but it seems like an ok job. Are you still in contact with the NP who worked for them? Thanks for your help.
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    No - she left our practice too. She worked for the NH over 8 years ago.
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    HCR Manorcare/Heartland has some practitioners that work for them in their centers and I have been told their visits should be around 11. I know someone who has been there for 8 years and likes it. There are some docs that work in the centers that hire their own pracitioners to work exlusively for them in the HCR/Manorcare centers. Then it is up to that physician to assign the number of patients you have to see.
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    I had an interview with the NP supervisor via phone. The current expectation is 14-15 pts daily. That would be in 2 locations about 30 mins apart. She said they expect a 9 hr day, 5 days a week. That doesn't worry me but it also sounds like the NP is ultimately responsible for all the pts, several hundred. The pts have PCPs but they don't handle "problems". I haven't had an interview yet with the institution. Should get lots more info then. Thanks for your help.
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