Is there an advantage to getting aanp certification over ancc or vise versa?

  1. Hell, I am a BSN RN, CRRN. I am currently in my second semester in Grad school to become a FNP. I want to know about the FNP certifications. First is one considered better than the other? Next, is there things that can be done with one that the other can not do? Also, is one easier than the other? Lastly, should I keep my CRRN certification up? My nurse manager asked me to attend some CE classes for my CRRN cert. but I told her I graduated before it will come due. She asked me, what do you mean by this. I guess she had the impression that i was getting my master degree as a FNP for the pure joy and was going to continure being a RN. But seriously, is there any reason i should keep it up. It really has not done me any good as to date. It did not get me a raise, it did not get me into the graduate school of choose, it does not keep me from getting pulled to other departments when i am the hospitals only CRRN. Thanks for you advise.
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  3. by   mackce
    I notied that I have the work hell in the above post. Sorry about that, I guess Spell check go me. Anyway, any of you FNP/ APNs know about this topic?
  4. by   nitasarn
    As far as the AANP vs ANCC, they seems to have the same qualifications as far as renewel. But i do know in some hospitals it may require you to be ANCC certified especially if it a magnet hospital, i guess it holds more prestige for some people. As far as the CRRN, i would go ahead with it...especially if theyre gonna pay for it. It may set you apart when looking for jobs later.
  5. by   cates08
    There is really no advantage to ANCC or AANP. I had the same question as a new grad and researched it thoroughly. The AANP requires 75 CMEs every 5yrs for renewal. The ANCC requires 150 CMEs every 5yrs. The difference is the ANCC will allow you to count so many hours for precepting students toward this 150. I chose the AANP just because it had one less section to study for on the boards but others said the ANCC having that extra section made some of the questions easier. Another thing I found out was the AANP is an orginization of nothing but nurse practitioners. The ANCC certifies a number of practices. One person told me I was supporting my profession better if I joined AANP. I have heard rumors that they would eventually combine the two orginizations and I have never heard of a place discrediting one certification over the other. I currently work at a magnet hospital and no one ever questioned AANP.

    As for the CCRN certification.. If it was me personally I wouldnt keep it current if I was persuing family practice. If I was persuing a masters in acute care or CRNA I could justify keeping it current. You are right it doesnt really help your pay or getting a job unless your in an ICU.
  6. by   Dembitz
    The hospital where I'm currently applying for privileges (have a job in a private practice, need privileges at their affiliated hospital) only accepts ANCC. From my recent job search, if a job specifies one over the other, it's ANCC. Why limit yourself?
  7. by   colsie

    I have been going back and forth over which exam to take ANCC vs AANP. Most everyone says it does not matter and if you see a job posting that says "prefer ANCC" it is an oversight on the posters behalf, because, they assume thats the only credentialing body. Are you certain they will only accept ANCC? Did you recently take the exam? I am concerned that I will have so much more to study if I take the ANCC......
  8. by   Dembitz
    Not certain they'll only take ANCC, but all our NPs in my group are ANCC so it hasn't come up. It's possible other NPs at the hospital are AANP, but as this isn't an issue for me I didn't really check. I took the exam a year and a half ago, never really even thought about taking AANP.
  9. by   sjonesnp82
    hello i will be taken the board soon i graduate in may 2014 alot of these post are so old , years ago , i was just wondering if some would be able to recommend based on which is better long term and which exam is fairly easier aanp or ancc
  10. by   chillnurse
    yeah, I was able to take the aanp exam prior to graduate and start making bucks like 5 days after graduation. All the motivation I needed to do AANP. Oh, and there is no research or theory on the AANP. Double win IMO. And all states recognize both and are equally good for finding jobs.