Help. Took 2 years off and now want APRN license.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I graduated in June 2010, with a MN in nursing here in Washington State. In December of 2010, I took and failed the APRN exam with the ANCC. I got pregnant and took the next year and a half off. Now, two years later after graduation, I want to take my exam again and apply for ARNP licensure. But, I read on the official website that I needed to have applied for licensure within a year of my graduation period. Help. What do I do now if I want to become a licensed APRN? After I retake the test and pass this time, what steps should I take afterwards?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Will ANCC allow you to retake the test?
  4. by   live4now
    Yes, they will allow me to retake the test. Is passing the test all I need to apply for a license?
  5. by   reeya
    Just passing the exam wont do it. State BON of WA will need 250 hrs of supervised clinical hours if you apply for initial license after one year of graduation. If you can arrange clinicals with an ARNP/PA/MD that will let you shadow, it will be fine. You will need to send a documented copy from the clinical site that you fulfilled your 250hrs. Plus, if you need prescriptive authority they need 30hrs of clinical pharmacology taken within last 2 yrs. Meaning if you took pharm at the beginning of the program in 2009, then you will need to provide current pharmacology hours. This can be done if you attend a continuing education pharmacology class provided for ARNPs or PA or you can do online with Barkley and Associates (24 contact hrs). If you do a NP review again you get about 22hrs out of which 8 hrs is pharm. So, start collecting your continuing education for pharmacology 30hrs and 250hrs supervised clinic hours. Submit all those with your passed certification, either AANP or ANCC. You'll get your license no problem.